Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Sunday (Again)

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Sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. Another feel good song from him. It's good to hear, especially when you're not feeling well, like today. My throat's very sore, I feel weak, and I have these weird pressure headaches. It might just be allergies or something. It doesn't feel really bad, at least. I got an email from みんなのきょうの料理 or Today Menu for Everybody. I didn't remember that they would email me recommendations on recipes. Pretty cool!MSN Onion IconTheir theme this week is pasta. One of their lines for it was: "Everybody loves a lot of pasta!" Onion IconNext week's theme is going to be Golden week, I think. (It might also be Mother's Day themed, not sure if that's for the week after that. Still pretty cool!) They called me sama after my name. MSN Onion IconsNow, I understand san, but sama, really? Onion IconsIt's a much higher or polite honorific than san. It even had some of their chef's basic recipes, that they use often. There's even a ranking for best recipe. This week's was Spaghetti Pomodoro. It looked awfully good! Onion Icon

I finished working on another sentence from the grill's manual. 本製品は、食材を焼く時に使用する焼き網です。(hon seihin ha, shokuzai wo yaku tokini shiyousuru yakiami desu.) I still have it in a pretty raw form of translation: This product, the ingredients to grill sometimes use griddle. Or, Grilling ingedients in this product sometimes use griddle. So, I'm still working on it. 

In Gintama, Seimei battles Doman. Really cool what Semei can do. Eventually, Doman's engulfed in flames. He has a flashback. He used to be very good friends with Seimei, and hoped for the 2 families to get along. He was forced into fighting Seimei, because of his family putting an enormous amount of pressure on him. Back to present, he survives and transforms into Antenmaru. A shikigami, where he's considered a G-d to them. As Seimei thinks he's about to die he tells Doman that he just wanted to stay friends too. Just then, Gintoki saves him, even though he's still in a lot of pain. Then, he starts attacking Antenmaru. Gedoumaru said that no one can break Gintoki's spirit. (This anime has a lot of cool moments when Gintoki gets 'serious'. One of the many reasons why I love this show.Onion Icons)

I played Bug War 2. It's a fun and very addicting strategy game. It's your bugs against another. They start you out with bees. You have to protect and add more hives. 

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