Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Boil Hot Water! (Again)

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On the Hetalia Character CD for Italy. Sung by his voice actor Daisuke Namikawa.  He's such a funny character. Onion IconI love pasta too, so this song makes me a bit hungry. Onion IconsI'll probably get more tunes this weekend. I felt pretty bad at the beginning of the day.Onion Emoticon SetHad a strange dream and my stomach was turning. Later, I thought I was feeling a lot better, and then I felt like someone hit me with a table leg up and down my back and legs.MSN Onion EmoticonsMom's probably right, that it's from working on the garden yesterday. I'll probably be fine tomorrow. 

Started with 2 sentences for 空く or aku: to become vacant, to be available, to be free, to be empty. 何故この部屋はそう空くか。(naze kono heya ha sou aku ka.) Why is this room so empty? (I decided to have it in romaji on here for today. The 'ha' is pronounced 'wa' since it's a particle.) 私たちはこの時で空かない。(watashitachi ha kono toki de akanai.) We're not available at this time. 

Next, I learned a bit about 'Gender Specific Language' in Japanese. Here are some aspects of feminine speech: 1. Speaking in a higher register and using more inflection. 2. Using generally more polite language in more situations, including between themselves, and more use of the prefix お or o. (This is an honorary prefix.) 3. Adding 'cuteness' by elongating certain vowel sounds. I also started their chart comparing neutral, masculine and feminine language. Feminine: わ or wa; or わあ or waa as an ending, especially わよ or wa yo, and わね or wa ne; or わねえ or wa nee. Masculine/Neutral: よ or yo; or ね or ne; ending, both are neutral. Very interesting to say the least. MSN Onion Icon

In Gintama, whenever it's Kagura's turn to cook for the Yorozuya, she 'cooks' raw egg over rice. Gintoki's absolutely sick of it, and is having nightmares about the eggs.Onion IconSo, after complaining to Otae, Kagura joins a cooking class with her. Soon, Shinpachi, Ayame, and Kyubei join it too. (They're in the pic.) They make a brief spoof on Iron Chef.Onion IconsLater, they keep talking about certain fast food icons and bands. All the while being bleeped as they said them. (They were like the Colonel Sanders of KFC, Ronald of McDonald's, the Drifters band, and many others.) It was pretty funny.Onion IconTheir teacher tells them that cooking is all about love, and as long as it's made with love it's acceptable. Kagura's team makes fun of her, so she tells the class that the first day is going to be a test on the best food you can make.MSN Onion Emoticon SetKyubei decides they should make fried rice. In the end, it didn't turn out well, but the teacher told them she can't teach them anything more. The end segment was about the show's ending soon. This is a constant gag in the series, telling people there's only a few episodes left each time. I didn't believe it, but looked it up anyways. They say it was just another joke.Onion EmoticonsAnd one of the directors said the series is absolutely not over. Also, that it hasn't even begun yet! That's cool!Onion Icons(It also doesn't really surprise me.) Maybe it will last for a very long time in that case. It's already been about 4 years, but it's never gotten stale.Onion Icons

The next episode started with Kamui in high school. Particularly, his Yato high school. (The Yato are supposedly the strongest beings in the universe. Kamui's Kagura's brother.) He keeps saying I'll kill ya at the end of every sentence. Onion IconNext, the Sinsengumi were getting ready to battle the anti-foreigner's faction at a hotel. This has got to be one of the grossest episodes! (And there have been many!) Kondo's having a problem with his snot hanging from his nose. Kondo doesn't notice it, and the only one who does is Toshi. Throughout the episode, Toshi's trying to help Kondo without him or the others knowing about it. It ends up coming out of Kondo and turning into a monster. Toshi wakes up in the car, and notices it was all a dream. Onion Icons

Here's my most recent fave on deviantART: Tiring It's simple, but cute. Might not have the 'wow' factor as some, but still nice. Again, I did not make it! Comment, fave, etc. the original artist. I'm also looking for more places like DA, just to see what other audiences think of my stuff. And maybe to learn from what they say, too.Onion Icons

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