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Pechika -Kokoro Tomoshite-

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From Russia's Hetalia Character CD. I'm surprised I haven't put this one up yet. MSN Onion IconsIt's one of my faves! MSN Onion EmoticonsPechika is a borrowed word from the Russian Pechka, which is a Russian fireplace. The rest of it means Light My Heart.Onion IconsSeems really upbeat, and makes you want to dance. He sings about the cold, borscht, vodka, Matryoshka dolls, piroshkis, and the Kremlin. (A Piroshki's very tasty! Basically, buns stuffed mostly with meats or mashed potatoes.) 

I posted chapter 7 on the forum, and started writing chapter 10. I'm experimenting with it a bit, I'll see if it turns out ok. Challenges are always fun, so why not? I also played my clarinet. Did Mozart as a warm-up and some Beatles songs. Next time, I'm planning to start from the beginning of the book and work my way to the end. It's a huge book! Also, I plan to play it as written, instead of skipping repeats and codas. Makes the songs really long, and can be a bit annoying if playing alone, but it will be good for me. I also took lots of pics of the flowers I see along the way I usually go for my walks. They're so pretty, I had to. 

In Kuroshitsuji, it's wintertime in England. A new case has popped up in London. This one's about British citizens who returning from India were beaten up, stripped of everything, and hung upside down from the eaves of an Indian restaurant called the Hindustani Coffee House. (Looked it up, and it was the first curry house in England. In London's Portman Square.) All of them had the same paper stuck to them, basically saying we'll do the same thing to you as you did to us. Ciel decides that he'll look to see where the Indian stronghold in East End is. First he asks Lau about it. He's in control of who comes in and out of East End. He shows them where they're at, and they get into a fight with them. They're saved by Soma. He's a prince of Bengal. Since he saved Ciel, he says it's only natural to invite him over and take care of them. Only he let himself in and gets comfortable without asking. He has a servant called Agni, and he tries to take over Sebastian's job while they're staying there. Also, he redecorates the place to look more 'Indian'. (In the pic: Agni, Sebastian, Ciel, and Soma. Thought it was kind of cool, and I wondered if I could put the 2 pics together. Close enough.) He also makes a lot of Indian food for everybody. Soma's looking for a maidservant from his palace named Mina. I like that they talked a bit about Hindu mythology, and it was interesting that they believe and pray to the Hindu goddess Kali. I've always been interested in Indian culture, so it was cool to see. At the end, Sebastian and Agni were about to have a fencing duel. 

I got further in translating the Grill's user's manual. Here are the next 2 kanjis I have down: 等 or nado, means etc., quality, similar, equal, and so forth. 読み or yomi, means reading. I got 2 more sentences done. 彼の部屋は私たちは行く家は空かなかったら。(kare no heya ha watashitachi ha iku uchi ha akanakattara.) If they don't have a free room, we'll go home. 夕食しましょう、あなたは空いたら。(Yuu shokushimashou, anata ha aitara.) If you're free, let's have dinner. 

This episode of Zan Sayonara Zetsubou sensei, was just odd. Sensei comes in and is wearing contacts. (He's in the pic. Sorry, couldn't center this pic right after the other one.) The students don't think it's like him, and pitch in to give him enough money to get glasses. The glasses he gets are tinted. It makes people assume things based on looks, or prejudices. When the students take his glasses off, he doesn't remember what he said while wearing them. So, they go to the store where he bought them. They sell tinted glasses from various eras, with different relevant prejudices. They also sell tinted headphones that make you prejudice to what you hear. There's also a tinted mouthguard, which gives you preconceptions of what you eat. The take home message was: we all must take off our tinted glasses of prejudice. So, live without any of it. 

I played the There Is No Door Escape game. You have to make your own 'door' to leave while using various items in the room. There was a jackhammer, a mask, screwdriver, and other stuff. It wasn't too bad of a game. Then I played Rat Escape by Gazzyboy. You have to save the rat and get him out. It was funny and cute. I seem to over think their room escape games, and it could have been done in have the time. 

I finally finished Zero's face. His hair was a bit harder to do than I thought. But, with a bit of help looking at anime hairstyles online, I managed to get it. He's one of the few characters that I don't have a definite vision in my head for. I do have an idea for his pose and what will be in the background. I think I'll put Loathe spreading out his wings and screaming behind him. Also, he'll take up most of the background. (Hard to describe what Loathe really is, but think of him as a giant Phoenix. He's actually Zero's residual self from a past life.) 

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