Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission in Taisakusen (Again)

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By Orange Range. Still a funny and great song. Things were a bit crazy the last couple of days. I'm not going into too much detail of what I did during the day on Tuesday. Here's an overview: wrote more of chapter 10 and came up with a cool name for a new character. Read Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Played some Beatles songs up to All You Need Is Love. Finished the first sentence of the grill's user manual, and did 4 more sentences. Watched Kuroshitsuji- introduced to Pluto. Also, played a few games. 

Then, there was a Hadassah meeting. We didn't get much done in the 'business' part of the meeting. I guess that's ok. There was a potluck too. My mom made a bean salad thing with kidney beans. It's very good! Has balsamic vinegar, onions, and tarragon, too. There was also a good mac and cheese. This one was kind of dressed up more than the stuff from a box. Also, had bread crumbs on top. The other stuff was a bit odd. There were spinach patties on a stick with asparagus and red pepper. Sounds good, but somehow the pattie was horrible! I love spinach, so it was a bit surprising. There was a sweet kugel, which I hate usually. Also, a pretty good normal salad with pecans and goat cheese. There were lots of different types of fruit, and carrot cake for dessert. So, dessert was good, too. It was also a nice social meeting. The 'event' for that meeting was Mah Jong. I don't want to play it or learn it, so I brought my own games. I brought Rummikub, hoping someone will want to play with me. The one person I know that doesn't like it either, said she didn't feel like playing anything. Another person said they were learning how to play Mah Jong. So, I didn't get a chance to play, but talked with people. 

I had a horrible night that night while trying to sleep. When I woke up, I was sick to my stomach, and a bit weak. So, I think something I had at the meeting made me a bit sick. I was a bit better later on. Although, I had internet problems all day. Which was frustrating. A good point about that day was I made Tasha purr. She barely ever purrs. I thought she was mad at me for trying to play with her, then she purred, and her whole face looked like it was melting. It was nice.

Today, I also wrote more of on chapter 10. I couldn't stop typing, I just had too many great ideas coming out. 

In Dear, Kisara's Captain was introduced. His name's Cain Clevart. He loves everything that's 'beautiful'. And, thinks everyone on the force, except for Kisara, is ugly. He gives Chiruha a present when he notices her, saying she's cute. Later, he asks if she can prove that she really is a Lycanthrope. She shows him her fangs, movements, and ears. He says it's still not enough, and asks her on a date. To get to 'know' her better. They have a lot of fun. At the end of this date, she jumps over a bridge into the water, just to find a souvenir for Kisara. The captain can't seem to 'evaluate' her yet. He throws a welcoming party for her at his mansion. After having alcohol for the first time, Chiruha passes out. While she's out cold, Kisara thinks it's the best time to kill her. As he's choking her, some of his memories come flooding back, and he stops. Demons are about to attack the village. Kisara's job is to hold them off, while the force uses a canon aiming for both the demons and Kisara. He's immortal, so he's used as a 'sacrificial pawn'. Better than people thinking they had to destroy him before he met the captain. A Lycanthrope had made him immortal, and he wants revenge. (That's why he's been trying to kill her.) His memories come flooding back again while he's making his way to the demons. He met Chiruha at a shrine where the priestesses were taking care of her. They  thought she was a living G-d that grants immortality. Kisara and Chiruha would play and hang out for a while. When Kisara found out she's being physically abused by the villagers, he takes her away to a vacant house. That house is where she stays until the beginning of the story. 

I finished translating another sentence for the grill's manual. この取扱説明書は大切に保等してください。(Kono tori atsukai setsu mei sho ha tai setsu ni tou shite kudasai.) Basically, please keep this user's manual in good condition. 

In Naruto Shipuuden, one of Pain's bodies was successfully found in the toad Jiraiya sent to Konoha. They're going to do an autopsy on it. Naruto believes at least the 9 in the code is actually the katakana letter for ta or タ. This is because Jiraiya had a bad habit of being a bit lazy with his handwriting, and Naruto saw it every time Jiraiya wanted him read his manuscripts. They figure out that it refers to the book Jiraiya was writing while he trained Naruto: Make-out Tactics. Each number clue represents a page number. They looked at the first character for each page, and came up with 'The Real One's Not Among Them'. Naruto wants to avenge Jiraiya. The toad sage wants to train Naruto in Sage Jutsu, the same Jutsu Jiraiya learned. He believes Naruto is the only one who can defeat Pain. He begins his training learning about nature chakra, a type where you gather energy from outside of the body. This really reminded me of Yoda. They say in order to 'become one with nature', you have to die. 

After that, we went to Costco. We got a butt-load of good stuff! Just had panko breaded fish (we got from there), ramen, and green beans. Finished it off with those awesome cranberry, oatmeal, and brown sugar moist cookies. We also got some pre-made Falafels and Tzatziki sauce to have with it. Thinking about making a sandwich with it for lunch tomorrow. If you've never had it, you're missing out big time! There's a lot of other good stuff.

DeviantART faves: Free Peonies Modotte I did not make these! The first is an awesome drawing of America from Hetalia. Next, is a beautiful drawing of China from Hetalia. Last, is of Kamui and Kangura from Gintama, when they were little. Very nicely done too.

Funny clips from Hetalia:
Funny moments from Naruto Shipuuden:
Cool vid about the Shinsengumi from Gintama: 

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