Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

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By the Kaito Vocaloid. Been a while since I've heard this song. MSN Onion IconI thought I already had it up, but apparently not. Onion IconsSounds kind of like a country pop type song. Which normally, I don't really care for, but for some reason this is better than a lot of them and sounds awesome! Onion IconsHe's singing about how nice his day has been while he's driving along a road. Always puts me in a slightly better mood. MSN Onion Emoticons

Well, today I think I felt the worst since what happened on Sunday. Onion EmoticonI feel very dizzy, nauseous, and my head seems to ache. Onion IconSorry, to complain about it. Onion IconsI wasn't able to get a lot done because of it. Like, I was going to pull weeds to start getting the garden ready for my plants. Also, I was hoping to finish my drawing today. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get to do these things. MSN Onion Icons

So, I played around a bit on TinierMe. I like their Sakura stamp rally thing they've had for a couple of weeks now. You get stamped everyday, and they give you prizes every few days. I've gotten a Sakura branch and a Hanami drink set. Funny things for people's avatars. Onion IconsNext one's tomorrow! MSN Onion Icons

Also, I played around a bit on Gaia. Since they had new hairstyles, and I liked them I changed my avatar's hair. Then, since that changed, I decided to change her outfit too. MSN Onion IconAlthough, a lot of it is similar, I like how it turned out. MSN Onion EmoticonsThe thing in the front was from their 'April Fool's Event'. The one where they said you couldn't equip for a while. It's supposed to be a 'Birth of a Grunny'. Grunny's are from their game zOMG. MSN Onion IconsAt first the prize only gave you an ashen face. So, I think this is a lot better. 

Then, I went through a lot of the deviations that were in my inbox on deviantART. Here's the one's I faved: Hetalia Animation Sound APH- Japan APH- France Bunnies Can't Be Trusted Bloodthirsty Gintoki- Rainbow I did not make these! I just wanted to share the awesomeness! Onion IconsPlease look at them, fave them, support, and make comments to these artists. They deserve it! Onion IconsThe first one, is cute and sad at the same time and it's about Russia. The second, is an amazing drawing with patterns representing sound coming out of headphones. The third, used an awesome assortment of blues and greens. The fourth is an amazing piece of art of France from Hetalia. Even if you don't like Hetalia, you can still appreciate it. The fifth one is just too funny, because it's true! They can't be trusted. Onion IconsThe sixth one is funny and about a vampire who runs out of his blood, and goes a bit crazy. Seems to reference a bit of Poe. It's only the first part of the animation. Onion Emoticon SetThe last one is just too awesome for words, at least with the color. Again, you can appreciate it even if you don't watch Gintama. MSN Onion Emoticons

Sakaki and Maya. ^_^


  1. Wow everyone plays Gaia thats so weird.. I love Kaito Vocaloid .

  2. Yeah, I hated it at first (a few years ago), and tried Gaia again about a year and a half ago. It's changed a lot, and I like it now. ^_^ Had a lot of friends in college tell me I should get on there. Kaito's awesome! :D He's one of my fave Vocaloids!