Monday, April 19, 2010

Dead Line Dance, Death (Again)

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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. Makes you want to sing and dance to it.Even if the words are a little dark. Still one of my faves. I posted chapter 9 of Alliance on deviantART at: Threatened Hopefully, people will like it. ^_^ 

Ciel's nightmares are being influenced from reading Edgar Allan Poe. Specifically, The Raven. One of my faves from Poe, so it was funny. He seems to be a little down anyways, still mourning Madam Red. His Aunt Frances visits, along with Elizabeth. Frances seems to disapprove of almost everything. Including Ciel and Sebastian's haircuts. (Too much "fringe". XD) She's strict, respected, and very strong. Later, she suggests Ciel and herself to have a little competition, hunting as many animals as they can. They do, and afterwards they're at a draw. (All the while, Ciel seems to be getting back to normal.) Then, Elizabeth was about to be attacked by a bear, and Ciel ran to save her. Her mother, Frances, was too shocked to shoot accurately. So, Sebastian killed it with a knife. Frances tells Ciel he's worthy of being her son-in-law because of his bravery. Her real reason to visit was to celebrate his birthday. 

I got a little more figured out for the grill's user's manual. Just the beginning of the sentence. ご使用 or goshiyou. The beginning is another honorific like お or o is. (I'm not too used to it, because I've mostly seen the o version.) 使用 means use. Hopefully, I'll get more of it done tomorrow. (Took me awhile today, since the 'go' threw me off, and it was a bit hard to read the print for the 2 kanji. But, I figured it out! Wahoo!) Then, I did 2 example sentences. そこへ昼過ぎに空きませんで。(Soko he hirusugi ni akimasende.) There isn't an opening for the afternoon. 私はその晩は空いたら。(Watashi ha sono ban ha aitara.) When I'm free that evening.

Lithuania overhears Russia talking about his plans to attack Poland. He wants to warn Poland, but is terrified of what Russia will do. Lithuania and Poland were once a single commonwealth. Eventually, he gets the nerve to call Poland. He doesn't take anything seriously, and has no plan to defend himself. Even though nothing happens later, Lithuania's still worried about him.

In Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first part was about the age old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Following that: The shut-in or the house? Wearing clothes or being embarrassed for not wearing any? The idol group or the fans? Then, it was about things where what came first is well-known, but the truth is murkier. Hamburger steak or the hamburger? Tea or tea time? Hope or despair? It was very interesting their examples for both. Then, it was about how spies (or operatives) are taking over society and sabotaging it. Eventually, sensei gets paranoid and calls everyone including himself an operative. 

I played a game called Halo Flower by Minoto. His games are always so cute and funny! Also, this was just as trippy, yet fun as the others. Next, I played Destroy the Village. It was really make your rocket kill all the villagers through various puzzles. The villages were these tiny things, with blobby looking bodies. Their screams were funny. So, it was a good stress reliever. I got bored with it by level 18. Last, I played IA Fish. It's a game where you're a fish trying to eat smaller fish and grow. There's other fish that are much bigger than you trying to eat you. Also, if you eat the type of fish you prefer at the moment, your karma meter goes up. Very addicting! XD

I posted my drawing on deviantART it's at: Seder Plate Hopefully, people will like this too. Funny how I end up posting a lot of things at once. :P

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