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Popcorn (Again)

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Sung by the Miku Vocaloid. Yet again, I need more tunes!Onion IconsI love this version of the song. Sounds really cool. Well, it looks like I may be done writing chapter 9 of Alliance. MSN Onion IconsI'm editing more before I post it. Which will probably be tomorrow. I really like this one, hopefully others will too. Onion IconsI can't believe I'm up to the 10th chapter now! MSN Onion IconsThere's so many ways the next chapter can go, too. MSN Onion Icon

Their putting pipes in the ground next to the street light, and on other people's properties. It's been going on all day. MSN Onion EmoticonAfter coming back from a walk, I can tell from the body language that one of the workers was talking about my big shiny dangly earrings to another worker. Then, they stared at me until I got inside. MSN Onion Emoticon SetI don't mind them working next to our house, but do they have to be rude? (Come on! At least the staring for like 2 minutes was rude!MSN Onion Emoticon Set

I finished another chart from the 2nd site. This one went into more detail, and made a lot more sense to me.  (Again, sorry for it being so long.MSN Onion Icons) More words for 'I' or 'me':
我輩 or wagahai: archaic, somewhat boastful.
俺様 or oresama: pompous, vulgar. (Sama is a very high honorific title.)
われ or ware: might sound old.
Words for 'you':
or kimi: men to close friends, lovers; superiors (including women) to inferiors. In songs, used by both sexes.
貴方 or anata: standard polite form when used by men, usual form used by women. When said to a husband or boyfriend, it's equivalent to 'dear'.
そちら or sochira: informal yet relatively neutral form for 'you', usually used among peers of the same age. Less insulting than anta.
あんた or anta: informal contraction of standard 貴方; potentially insulting.
手前 or temae: archaic, extremely hostile in its corrupted form of てめえ or temee. 
こいつ or koitsu: directive pronoun, as in 'this guy', hostile. 
なんじ or なれ or nanji or nare: archaic, usually in ancient documents and similar to 'thou'.
お前 or omae: direct, abrupt; sometimes hostile; when used to address a wife or female partner: equivalent to 'dear'. 
貴様 or kisama: Used to be an extremely honorific title; in modern speech it's insulting. MSN Onion Emoticon

I also found some more interesting general things. The system of their speech is gradually changing as younger generations appear to be more rebellious or apathetic to the 'old ways'. Also, many women don't feel their roles are weak. With men their told they have to nod and support them, even if they don't agree. When asked why: to humor the men or make them feel better.Onion IconCommon belief: behind every strong company or political leader is a stronger woman.Onion IconsJapanese feminists are also changing the traditional roles slowly.

In Hetalia, it was all about Greece. Japan visited him, so he showed him around. Greece loves cats, and they seem to gravitate towards him.  While showing Japan some of the ruins, he falls asleep on a slab that's part of the ruins. Japan thinks Greece is mysterious. Greece is very laid back, and sleeps a lot. He learned some Japanese and said a couple of sentences. It was cute and funny. Greece shows Japan a statue of Zeus and tells him the story about him. Japan likes that Greece's deities had some human characteristics. Next, he shows him the old Spartan ruins. Japan tells him they had a time where Sparta-like teaching methods were popular. Greece tells him the Spartans hunted, studied, and fought naked. :D He asks if Japan did that. Japan was embarrassed and said just the strict teaching. He also says every 10 days the Spartans would have naked checkups. MSN Onion IconsGreece would like to be reborn as a cat. He wants to be able to live carefree and do whatever he wants. Turkey shows up saying he bets Greece is telling Japan bad propaganda about him. Greece and Turkey end up bickering. Eventually, they ask who's the better friend to Japan. Japan suggests playing Janken or rock, paper, scissors to settle it. They shoot that down, and later Japan scares them to cut the tension. Worked a little too well. Onion IconsI like Greece and I'm glad they showcased him a bit. He's yet another character that doesn't get much screen time. Turkey gets even less. Maybe this season, they'll introduce more countries and show more on the countries that didn't get much screen time? That would be nice. MSN Onion Emoticons

I finished drawing and inking my seder plate drawing. I think it came out better than I thought it would be. I decided to put a star of David in middle, and make it look like rays are coming off from it forming the different sections. I thought I would have a background of just matzah (almost like a wall), but that didn't work. I ended up putting some matzah behind and around the plate, so it almost looks like the plate is sitting on it. Under that, I wrote Chag Sameach in Hebrew (Happy Holidays!) and Pesach 5770. 5770 is the Jewish calendar year. ^_^ It's one of the few things that I like the end product of. I'm a little reluctant to color it. But, if I don't, some of the stuff like Charoset will look weird. I guess I can explain it in the description. I'll probably decide, and maybe post it tomorrow. 

Recent deviantART faves: The Way Gull APH- Polish Tragedy Moments I did not make these! First, second, and fourth one, are of animals. Very cool pics of them. The third is another emotional one about the Polish plane crash.

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