Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aha! (All We Want) (Again)

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By Love Psychedelico. Still an awesome song about love and freedom! Makes you feel good too. MSN Onion IconsGot up a bit late since my muscles were screaming at me for gardening the other day. MSN Onion Emoticons(Also, for another reason, that seemed to make it worse.) I mostly caught up on things that I usually save for the weekend. 

I looked for online Japanese TV. I wanted something where I could actually pause it and read the text. (Since it goes by so quick on TV Japan, I barely have time to read the first few characters.) Also, it gives me another way to hear what someone said. It's easier that you get to rewind it too. MSN Onion Emoticons

The first one I found was Channel J, which was good, but doesn't give you much. Also, it mostly just had the news. I want a mixture of everything. MSN Onion EmoticonSo, that's a good one for staying a bit informed on what's going on over there, but not something I'd frequent too often. Shrug

Next is FNN News. A much more in depth news site. Might use it more than Channel J. Plus, I think they have more videos. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.

Third one is Sony Music. This is the official Sony Music site. It has music videos, and music news. It will be a great way to learn more about their music artists, and be exposed to more music in general. Nod

The last one is Yomiuri Online. This site's amazing! La la la la Tons of shows too! Shows on the news, animals, entertainment, 'popstyle', disasters, and the baseball team the Giants. 

They have an extra section called TV G+. This has a lot more shows, and I think I saw that they're going to add more soon. OMG One's actually an interesting news show called News Navigator. They have a few culture shows. One's called Komachi, which literally means town beauty. (It can also mean little town. Sounds better to me. XD) Mostly it's about them visiting towns. Similar, I guess to ふるさと一番! or Furusato Ichiban! on TV Japan. (They called it Live From Your Hometown in English. I like watching it because you get to learn more about the people of Japan. Handshake

Next, they have a show called Do! Culture. It's very interesting. About cultural and popular things. Like, one of the episode's about learning how to cook Italian food, since it's becoming so popular. Also, learning traditional instruments, martial arts and more. Very cool to me! Meow :3

Another is called 青森探偵 or Aomori Tantei. Which is Aomori Dectective or investigator. About a person who 'investigates' various towns in the Aomori prefecture. Showing what their famous for, like special foods, attractions and such. Kind of cool too. Another one is about fitness and health. All of these shows sound really awesome to me! LoveWe're thinking of dropping TV Japan, so I'm glad I might have found a good online TV site. 

Not only that, but Yomiuri has an amazing amount of other stuff on their site. Wow! I could probably spend hours on it. Mwahahahahahahaha!They have in depth weather forecasts for lots of cities, traffic, and maps. In their gourmet section, they have recipes, tips, lists of good wines and non alcoholic drinks, also a lot of info on Japanese foods. Sushi They have a picture section, with pictures from the news, sports, various towns, seasonal pics, and even tips on how to take good pictures. Camera They also have a section on the environment. Earth

Another one is on Tech news, new products and a Q&A part in it. Personal Computer There's a travel section, with famous places and views, international food, events, and helpful info. Relax There's a book section, where you can read reviews, news, and interviews of authors. Reading Another is Home and Garden with news, discussion, home environment, home living tips and skills, world homes, town homes, even picking out gravestones. Rose I read somewhere in this section that someone grew 20,000 tulips in their garden, all because of a competition between neighbors. OMG They have a magazine section, where you can read snippets of them. 

An offshoot site is Yorimo with more stuff. Another one is called yomiDr. It has medical news, an encyclopedia of medical treatment or care, info on hospitals, a medical care discussion 'room', senior living, and more health topics.Strong! On the actual Yomiuri site they also have a database full of more info. Stuff on historic events, photos, and newspapers. I think this site has become a definite fave!Love

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