Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gouin ni My Yeah (Again)

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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. Another fun one that makes you want to dance. Onion IconsI thought I hit writer's block for chapter 10. MSN Onion EmoticonsAfter brainstorming for a while, I've got the ideas flowing again! Onion IconsIt might be because I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. But now, I'm back in the game! Onion Icon

Majiru is brought to class by Abiru, and she thinks he's being ill-treated. (This is Nozomu or sensei's nephew, who he's taking care of.) The next bit was about, can you prove that you're truly yourself? And, don't believe everything you see, unless there's proof. So, they try to prove it to him. They find out the Chiri's nice straight hair, isn't natural. Abiru points out that a fraud can be better at proving themselves than the real person. A great example is Maria. She's an illegal immigrant using another student's name, birth certificate, IDs, etc. She can answer everything perfectly. Eventually, sensei doesn't know who he is anymore. (With a little help from the students messing with him.Onion Icon) Majiru has a hair fetish and tries to touch Chiri's hair, when all of a sudden it curls up and looks scary. MSN Onion IconsNext, was about things hibernating. How people put off things for a better time or want to skip certain times of the year. 

Last, was Yaminabe (Or dark pot). It's like a social game, where each member brings in a special ingredient that no one else knows, and they put it into the pot. Usually it's done in the dark, so you can't see what you're eating. (Sounds like something I've heard and done before, but with the lights on. Can't remember what we called it. MSN Onion IconUsually you get some pretty funky combos.) Sensei's 'dark pot' is full of things that will spread the 'darkness' of one's heart. I found out that MangaFox goes from volume 3 to volume 9. That's a HUGE jump. MSN Onion IconsI looked around a bit, and found that those inbetween volumes are hard to find. Plus, they're still trying to translate them. Since the series deals with different topics each time, I'll go on. It's still a little disturbing. I love this series! Maybe I'll go back to those volumes eventually. 

I'm still working on the first line of the grill's user manual, although I'm almost done with that. It's hard to read still because the print is so small. (Even for my fresh pair of contacts.) This is what I have so far: ご使用の際は使用上の注意. Which roughly means, Caution: Dangerous before use..., or Application's dangerous before use caution... I won't have a better translation until I finish the sentence. Sounds a bit scary, though. Maybe I should have translated this first line before using it. I'm still working on an example sentence, since that ate up most of my time.

In Kuroshitsuji, the group goes to Houndsworth. Meirin, Finny, and Bard think it's a resort at first. The real reason Ciel decides to go is the Queen tells him to stop the dog fighting there, and investigate the mysterious murders. The population has gone down by a third in 10 years. (Although, Ciel is thinking of turning a part of it into a resort, too.) They say it's a town where humans and dogs live side by side. 5 dogs to every human. They're so centered on dogs, sometimes they nickname people different 'breeds'. (Someone called Ciel a Chihuahua, in the pic.) Sebastian hates dogs with a passion, and keeps saying they're nothing like cats. During a dog fight, they'll chain a 'bad' dog up and have the others attack, usually to the death. They're staying at the Barrymore Castle. They're the ones that come up with the rules, and if you break them, the 'Devil' dog will get you. They chained up another dog and Finny had a weird flashback and saved it from the others. Of course, after that they chained up everybody but Sebastian. He saves them, though. Later, they think the whole thing was a hoax, since they found evidence that Barrymore pulled it off. But, when he was in his jail cell, someone attacked him, dragged him to where they chain the dogs, and killed him. Before this happened he was screaming "The Devil dog's going to get me! Save me!" 

I played the Ginger Ale room escape game by Sakura. They do similar games called things like green tea room, pineapple room, chocolate room, etc. It was harder than the last one. I like that they make it challenging. I got the perfect end. I also played more of IA Fish. Got further this time. Such an engrossing game.

I started drawing Zero's face. I didn't get far, because I started to get frustrated. The eyes just didn't seem right, and the hair wasn't turning out very well. Usually when this happens, if I stop and do it the next day, it turns out much better. So, I'll try that. 

Also, we just saw a huge rabbit in our backyard. We're thinking it's from the farm, just like the chicken probably was. I wonder what's going on over there? It was very cute, though.

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