Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mission in Taisakusen

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By Orange Range. It's like a parody of the Mission Impossible theme. Onion IconsKind of a funny, but cool sounding song. I felt a lot better today! MSN Onion EmoticonsOnly real problem was the internet connection was in and out all day. Which meant I didn't get a whole lot done online. Onion Icons

I finally found my penpal's letter! MSN Onion IconsI felt so guilty about it, but at least I found it. So, I finished my letter. Now, I just need to take it to the post office, make sure I got the 'international' part right on the envelop, put a stamp on it, and send it out. Not bad, really. MSN Onion EmoticonsHopefully, she'll be able to read my handwriting. Onion IconShe's an English teacher, but wants to learn more so she can have the confidence to teach at the high school level. Right now she's teaching about 6 classes a week for junior high school students. They look cute in the pic she sent. MSN Onion IconsShe also majored in English Literature in college. But, she feels like it wasn't actually reading the originals, because they were translated into Japanese. So, she wants to learn English because of that, too. Maybe she can tell me some famous Japanese book titles and I can try and decipher them, while also looking at the translation. Sounds like it will be interesting corresponding with her. MSN Onion Emoticons

I worked a bit on getting the garden cleaned up. Pulled weeds, pulled branches out, seeds, and other stuff. There's a nice small bare section towards the end of the garden. The soil looks good too. MSN Onion Icon Those weeds were scary! MSN Onion EmoticonIt really showed that no one has used the garden for a while. Their roots were so deep and thick! MSN Onion Emoticon SetNot only that but the branches that had fallen, a long time ago, had more plants and stuff growing on top of them. Those were huge too! MSN Onion EmoticonI saw a huge earthworm at one point. Very good sign, but it scared me, because I thought it was another branch or twig. I felt bad because I had to pull some of my dad's oregano out. The weeds had grown under their roots, so I had to pull that up too. Onion EmoticonIt looks like the garden will be nice. Onion IconI still have a ways to go, but it was a good dent into it. I did a lot of other cleaning too afterwards.

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