Friday, April 23, 2010

Freedom (Again)

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By Love Psychedelico. Love their songs! Onion Icons I've got to find more.MSN Onion EmoticonI watched a little Japanese TV online, mostly the animal and news shows. Hopefully, I'll watch more of their G+ TV section tomorrow. I found out that for some of their videos they have a share option, but that seems to be rare. Unimpressed

Chii reminds me so much of Tasha!La la la laHe's hilarious!Onion IconThe mangaka must own a cat or something. Chii thinks he'll be able to just walk out the door, but is constantly distracted by 'cool' things. Eventually, they try to train him to go to the litter box. Only they started with shreds of newspaper in a shoebox. Chii thought it was a fun play area, and still decided to pee on everything but in the box.Onion IconsSo, instead they found a paper based litter. He thought it was like an upgrade.OMG! I can't contain my excitement!The mother, becoming a bit frustrated, threw some of clothes that he peed on into the box. Chii was shocked, and said now it can't be played in. He got the idea eventually. The family name's him Chii, when they decide they should keep him. (Only problem is, they're not allowed in the apartment, so they have to hide him.) They buy him an expensive toy, and he doesn't understand it. When they bring the bag full of toys, food, bowls, etc.; he goes nuts. He hears the rustling of the bag and keeps saying, 'it's calling me, it's calling me!' And he pretty much gets the same expression as the pic.

I cleaned a lot today! Phew! Swept my bathroom floor, cleaned the mirror, mopped the floor, cleaned my rug, and some other things. I was going to work on the garden, but felt I needed to do these first.:D (Big Grin)That garden is taking forever, but it's mainly because it hasn't been used in about 5 years. OMG So, it's slowly becoming one with the yard. Noes! I've made a nice patch, but it will take a little longer to make enough space for the plants. Mom's suggesting we put boards around it, when it's done. Then, lay an anti-weed fabric down, put potting soil on top, then add the plants. Also, she has an idea for the slug bait. So, at least I have a plan. MSN Onion Emoticons

Oh, this episode of Gintama was hilarious! roflAlso, a bit gross. Shinpachi and Kagura were in the first 'Death Match'. It was a 3-legged race by a Shikigami (Shinpachi acted as one) and a master. And after the race, they have to eat a Pandemonium larvae as fast as they can. (Very disgusting looking bug that Shikigami eat.) Shinpachi falls in love with it, after accidentally kissing it. O_oMatch ends in a draw, since neither one was able to eat it. (More like the Shikigami puked it out after Kagura kept pounding his chest.Onion Icons) The next match was a 4 on 4 Tag Team Mystic Shoot Death Match. It was too funny! (Might be a bit too mature for some.) Gintoki literally dropped his balls, and Seimei and Doman started battling over them. Making them smash into each other and fly around Gintoki. Meanwhile, every time they smashed them, Gintoki was writhing in pain. I love how they throw in those kind of jokes at odd times. Seimei starts battling Doman, and his Shikigami, beating the odds like Gintama is known for. 

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