Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pub and Go! (Again)

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From Hetalia's England (also UK) Character CD sung by his voice actor, Noriaki Sugiyama. Still an awesome song! Onion IconsBy the way, I looked up some info on the voice actor, and he voices a lot of characters in some of my fave animes. Really cool! Onion Icons

Wow! I'm so happy my 'evaluation' is over with! Onion IconThey really grilled me to a crisp.MSN Onion Emoticon  I had to basically be interviewed by 2 people. The first guy was nice and funny. MSN Onion IconsThere was a long section that reminded me of my dad's tests when he was testing them out on me. I passed with flying colors on that part!MSN Onion Icon  In fact, he said a lot of my answers were a lot more logical than what most people say.

When I told him about my parents, one having 2 types of cancers and the other being transgendered; he looked like his jaw unhinged and hit the floor.MSN Onion Icons He said so to say you're under an immense amount of stress is an understatement, isn't it? Because all that coupled with my health problems, seemed a bit much to him. Yep, I have a fun family! Onion IconsHey, at least we're not boring! MSN Onion EmoticonsAlthough, I'd settle for that, rather than this. Onion EmoticonAlso, he kept telling me that I sound like a perfectionist. That's not surprising. Onion IconsHis part was about an hour long, and then he said you have to wait in the waiting room, because the other guy isn't ready yet. Onion Emoticon Set

The next one was a bit more 'down to business', tired, and serious. Although, he did kid with me a bit, he wasn't as fun as the first guy. Onion IconI think he's going to finally diagnose me with PTSD, agoraphobia, and generalized anxiety disorder. Wahoo! More to add to my resume. Onion IconHonestly, my therapists and psychiatrists said they think I have the last 2, but never actually diagnosed them. I'm a little surprised at the PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. MSN Onion Emoticon SetI didn't think what I went through had that much of an impact on me. I hear about people fighting in wars, seeing someone die, or even after childbirth, etc. having PTSD. My stuff seemed to pale in comparison. Onion IconHe was also surprised by my situation. His part lasted about a half hour. Both of them thought it was very interesting that I was learning Japanese, and wished me good luck. MSN Onion EmoticonsIt was nice of them. MSN Onion Icons I noticed that when I'm in a serious or official situation, I tend to be even more of a perfectionist and anal. Sometimes I forget things or mix things up too. MSN Onion EmoticonLike, I think I actually told them my most recent psychiatrist was the one who diagnosed me with Bipolar 2. I think it was the one before that. MSN Onion EmoticonOh well, they can check my records, and if it's wrong either they'll say she was just nervous, or they'll call me. I guess it's ok. Onion Icons

I was nervous most of the day about it, and couldn't really concentrate on other things. MSN Onion Emoticon SetI did edit chapter 9, and will post it tomorrow. MSN Onion EmoticonsI also did one sentence example for 空く. ありがとうに空いて。(Arigatou ni aite.) Thanks for being available. Also, I'm officially not the secretary of our Hadassah group!Onion IconsI turned in my notebook. I don't think the notes would be legible if anyone read it, but it's there for their records. Also, I have one deviantART fave: Pirate Spain I do not own this! It's amazing! I've seen her version of England as a pirate and that was pretty awesome too.

Awesome tourism vid for Japan:

Vid about Abiru and the real reason why she looks beaten up. XD

Someone who looks bad (or really evil), could never actually be a bad person?^_^

Poor Chiyo:


  1. At least your family isn't crazy like mine...crazy.*shivers*

  2. Yeah, I'm thankful that our family isn't as crazy as some. ^_^