Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's My Road Roller (Again)

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Sung by the Rin and Len Vocaloids. Still a pretty funny song. I feel like my brain just melted. Onion Emoticon SetI just filled out a 12 page mental questionnaire thing, that had pretty intense questions. A lot of them I had no idea on how to really explain or come up with answers. MSN Onion EmoticonThe last page I kind of gave up on, because they were too weird. Onion Emoticon SetI had to fill it out because I have a mental evaluation interview for my SSI tomorrow. It will probably take a very long time. Onion Emoticon SetSo, if I thought that was intense, I think the interview or "exam" will be a lot more so. MSN Onion Emoticon SetCan't they just go off of what my files say? Onion IconI thought that had enough "evidence" for them to approve it. Onion Emoticon SetSome of the stuff I really didn't want to dredge up again. Onion Emoticon Set

I think after every time my computer updates, I have problems with my internet connection. Happened again. Onion Emoticon SetAlthough, they are messing with the cable pipes next to our house, might also be why this time. Onion EmoticonEventually, it was fine. While that was going on I went over and edited Alliance. I think it sounds good now. I just need to fix the document on my computer, and then I'll post it.MSN Onion Icons

I got my response back from our Hadassah president. MSN Onion Emoticon SetShe actually was very nice, although a bit odd. Onion Emoticon SetShe said that we will miss her presence. Nice, but it's not like I'm not going to be a regular member. MSN Onion EmoticonI'll still attend everything, but the Exec meetings. MSN Onion EmoticonsShe also wants me to hand in my notes, when she drops by tomorrow. I'll be more than happy to give them to her. Actually, this really takes a load off my shoulders!MSN Onion EmoticonsWho knows, maybe I can actually enjoy some of the meetings and events, without worrying about writing everything down.MSN Onion Icon

I did 5 more sentences for 空く or aku. 貴方は空きますか。(Anata ha akimasu ka.) Are you free? これは部屋が空きません。(Kore ha heya ga akimasen.) This room isn't available. 私は7時で空いた。(Watashi ha 7(or nana)ji de aita.) I was available at 7. 部屋を空かなかった。(Heya wo akanakatta.) The room wasn't empty. 便を空きました。(Bin wo akimashita.) The bottle was empty. 私はこれは朝空きませんでした。(Watashi ha kore ha asa akimasendeshita.) I wasn't available this morning.

The only person that can dispel the barrier is Kage. He also uses shadow magic. Funny, because his name actually means shadow. Onion IconsAlso, he looks an awful lot like Shikamaru from Naruto, who also uses shadow 'jutsu'. After some fighting, he tells Natsu where Eligor went and was about to help the group, when one of his own punched a hole through his chest. MSN Onion IconsHe didn't die, but was knocked out. Later, Natsu suggests Lucy to transport them into the Stellar Spirit World to outside. She can't technically do that. So, Happy suggests she summon Virgo, because she likes to tunnel through things, and might get them out that way. It works, but Virgo looks and acts like a totally different person than before. She can change her appearance and personality depending on the situation. Natsu and Happy go off to fight Eligor. It's an awesome fight! Onion IconsThe rest of the group is on their way. The only thing slowing them down, is Erza's magic energy is drained and she can't move her car without it. 

DeviantART faves: Magpie Older Brother After the Storm I didn't make these! MSN Onion EmoticonsThe first is a cute pic of a magpie. Where I went to college, the magpies were everywhere. Although, this one looks slightly different to me, still reminds me of it. The second, shows a couple of Asian words and characters for older brother. The people saying them are from Hetalia. (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.) Kind of interesting and cute. Onion IconsThe last, is just a spectacular pic of a sunset! Really awesome!Onion Icon 

An awesome vid with awesome fight scenes from Gintama XD

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