Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wonderful Days (Again)

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By One Draft. Still an awesome song! Onion IconsI caught up on a lot of things and did some cleaning, it tired me out. Printed off a copy of the 9th chapter of Alliance. Since, sometimes you can see more errors in a hard copy. MSN Onion IconsI'll edit that, and then I will post it either tomorrow or the next day.MSN Onion Emoticons

I wrote an email to our Hadassah president about quitting the board. I'm a little nervous to see what she replies with.MSN Onion EmoticonI tried to not get her upset, but at the same time get my point across. I hated to do it so close to the next Exec meeting, but I needed to.MSN Onion Emoticon I told her I won't be attending it either. I still want to be a member, because I think it's an awesome organization! MSN Onion EmoticonsHopefully, she'll understand. Hey, maybe they'll be a better person for the job and maybe they'll pay attention to that person, if we really need a secretary. Onion IconsI still feel the group isn't going to last very long now. Onion IconsWhat with possibly 2 officers off the board. The only other official board member left is the treasurer. Which is a very important job, but she can't be on it alone. We'll see what happens. MSN Onion Icons

I also wrote back to 2 of my penpals. This time I tried to add a lot more Japanese. It took a little longer than normal, because I was trying to figure out what I should say. Onion IconsI think I did ok. I tried to be very polite in it. They'll probably tell me if it's not right. Onion Icons

Also, I watched a show called Asa Ichi on TV Japan, again. I'm starting to really like it for some reason. Onion IconsThis time, most of it was tips on cooking things in the microwave. One was about this guy who freezes his rice at the beginning of a week so he doesn't have to make it the rest of the time. They showed the best way to freeze it and defrost it. As soon as it's cooked, wrap it tightly immediately in plastic, then put in freezer. When you want to defrost it, wrap a damp towel around the plastic and put in microwave. It supposedly keeps its texture and tastes better this way. I'll have to try that.MSN Onion IconNext, was how to make apple jam in the microwave. Put diced apple, sugar, and lemon juice in a bowl and put in microwave. Mix the mixture, and she adds some white wine to it, and calls it 'adult' jam that way. Onion IconsBut, she said you don't have to add the wine. You can even make things like a soufflé.MSN Onion Icons It was kind of cool. So watching this combined with emailing my penpals, I considered my Japanese for the day. 

I decided to not color my drawing. I think it will mess it up, plus I think it gives a different feel.MSN Onion Icon I'll scan it and post it today or tomorrow. 

Who's inside the mascot? XD

A very fitting tribute to Prussia from Hetalia:

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