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This is from the Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack. Whenever they're on 'missions' this is played in the background. I can feel like I'm on a top secret mission or something. MSN Onion IconI still feel a bit weak today. Also, my entire head's numb. I also seem to feel light headed and that in between thing of vertigo and nausea. Wahoo! Onion IconI posted 2 more pics to deviantART: Boat Pier Someone already faved the boat one. It's the 7th day of Passover! It ends tomorrow at sundown. MSN Onion Icons

I'm a little ticked at my fave forum right now. MSN Onion Emoticon SetSpecifically, at one mod. I read somewhere, that if you create a picture thread, you can post more than once in a row. Just so things don't get jumbled. She took 3 of my posts and put it into one. That's like 12 pics. A bit much, huh? MSN Onion Emoticon SetShe told me it wasn't fair to the other posters to double post, but I see a lot of other people doing so when they post a new thread in that topic. Onion Emoticon SetAlso, they don't warn people about it in the General Lit. section either. Doesn't seem fair to me! Onion EmoticonI asked her about it, and told her I'll change things. She didn't answer my questions, but said I'm glad you understand. If she does that to me again, I might just find another forum. MSN Onion EmoticonThe other mods have said that I'm following the rules, so we'll see what happens. 


I started writing a letter back to one of my penpals, when I thought I found hers. I later found out it was from a different penpal.Onion Emoticon SetSo, I decided if I can't find it tomorrow, I'll just try to answer her questions from memory. Then, I might add a few things, and hopefully send it out. She's waited long enough, I think.Onion IconsI did 6 more sentences. 彼はカーテンを上がらせられます。He will be made to raise the curtain. 彼らは上がらせられません。They won't be made to go up. あの山が上がろうよ。Let's climb that mountain! 私はあの山が上がるまい。I don't want to climb that mountain. あの木が上がりましょう。Let's climb that tree. 私はあの坂が上がりますまい。I won't go up that hill. 私はあの山が9時で明日は上がるだろう。I will probably climb that mountain at 9 tomorrow. 

It was the start of the 3rd season of Hetalia, named World Series. (The pic's of Prussia on his character CD.) Prussia hasn't had much screen time before, and was very upset about it. He always considers himself 'awesome' and thinks he should be the main character.Onion IconsHe shared a story from his awesome diary. It was about the early history of him and Hungary. Later, South Italy appears too. He hasn't appeared much either. He's upset that his brother (North) is a close ally with Germany, and that they're separated. Both brothers have a similar mindset, and are a bit absent-minded. I like both Prussia and South Italy, and hope they appear more often. MSN Onion IconsAlthough, I think they should introduce other countries too. (There were a lot more involved in both World Wars.) At the end, America and Canada are playing a game of catch. Canada gets beaten, and keeps asking America to go easy on him. No matter what he does, Canada still gets beaten up. Onion Emoticons

In Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first topic was the capability of one's 'emergency measures'. Examples: Guests show up suddenly and all you can think of giving them for a snack is something weird. Cup of noodles as New Year's soba. Can't afford a ring, just give her the box. Onion IconsRepairing glasses with scotch tape. Talking with respect after pissing someone off. Chiri ends up killing sensei after these examples, and buries him under the floor boards of the classroom. Since the school board is coming to watch the class, she thinks a stuffed doll version of him will pass. Onion Emoticon SetShe ends up going on a killing spree, killing all the students. MSN Onion IconWhen the board director shows up, he sees what's in the pic. She has dolls to replace everyone, including her parents. MSN Onion Emoticon SetIt turns out she didn't really kill them, just put them under the floor boards. Onion Icon

Next, it was about even if you have the correct answer, it doesn't mean it's right. According to sensei, answers have to be said correctly according to your lifestyle. There was also a 'feelings up-down' quiz show. You try to answer questions about someone without hurting their feelings and bringing their gondola down. Sensei's falls through the floor. Onion IconThey also find a time tunnel and travel to a time where they didn't know that the Earth moves. Sensei tells them, and he's thrown in jail for being a heretic. Poor Nozomu. Onion Icons

I drew more of the seder plate. The bone looks a lot better. The Charoset looks a bit funky, but how would someone draw a mix like that? Onion IconsI tried. I think when I color it, it might be easier to see. I fixed the egg a bit more too. Probably not the best looking one, but it will do. MSN Onion IconsI inked everything that I've done so far, too. Next, will be labeling them in Hebrew. It's been so long since I've written in it, kind of feels strange but nice at the same time.Onion Icons

How the continents were made. :D I love Scrat!

Slovenian version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu:

A very fitting tribute for Kagura and Otae. :D

Time travel:

A funny vid with part of Russia's character song:


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