Sunday, April 18, 2010

Country From Where The Sun Rises, Zipangu (Again)

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Sung by Japan from the Hetalia Character CD. Still one of my faves. MSN Onion Icon Almost all of the character CD's from Hetalia are very good. Onion IconSome of Germany and Prussia's songs I'm not sure if I like yet. I'm going to try looking for more music soon, makes it exciting for me. Onion IconsI love my music, but eventually it gets to the point where you need something fresh. MSN Onion EmoticonsPlus, I barely have anything on my player. 

My chair broke yesterday. MSN Onion IconsThe thing's pretty old, and the glue had dried out where the leg meets the seat. For about a month I've been pushing it back in when the dowels came out. So, yesterday I was doing a similar thing, since it seemed to work. The dowels broke though, and I couldn't push the leg back. MSN Onion IconsSo, Mom's going to figure something out while it sits in our living room. The glue dried up, about the same time my mom was re-gluing my drawer's handle. So, I told her about it, and she said she might do it after the drawer. The drawer is really old too. All I did was pull it out gently and the whole panel that acts as a handle flew off. Onion EmoticonI'm now using my old chair, but it's at such a low height and I'm a little taller than normal. (I was much shorter when we got it.) So, my legs cramp up a bit. I also have a harder time just typing, since I'm at a lower level. Onion Emoticon SetThis chair isn't a very good match for the desk. It's a good temporary fix, but I'll need an actual normal seated chair. I love the furniture in my room that we got from my grandparents, but some of it seems to be giving out sooner than I'd hoped. The same furniture was used by my mom, too. MSN Onion Icons

I made sushi! Onion IconOnly it came out kind of funny.Onion IconsI at least know what I did wrong and it tasted good. That's what counts, right?MSN Onion EmoticonsI made a tuna salad one. First time using the seasoning in a packet, and the bamboo sushi mat. The seasoning had almost a thickening effect, very interesting. MSN Onion IconI had forgotten to use half a nori sheet, and just rolled it. Also, for cutting the 'log' I forgot to wet the knife after each cut, so it gummed it up a bit. I saw a tip, after the fact, where you can put plastic wrap on the bamboo before you put everything on it. MSN Onion IconsSo, it won't stick to it as much. Well, next time will be better! MSN Onion Emoticons

I also grilled an onigiri (rice ball) on the new grill I have. I like that you can do it on the stove. It was a pretty good grill. Only I kept turning it too often. So, little pieces of rice landed on the bottom of it and burned. Onion EmoticonOh, well. I basted the onigiri with soy sauce. It came out nice and crunchy. So, I had fun experimenting.

Then, I decided I'd try to decipher the paper that came with the grill. It's funny because I only got to the first line at the top. Onion IconsI was trying to figure out what each kanji meant. Which was good, but all of it together was like an expression and was different than what each one meant separately. Here's the line: 取扱説明書 or tori atsukai setsu mei sho. Which means handling instructions or user's manual.MSN Onion Emoticons取り or tori means take. 扱い or atsukai means management or treatment. 説 or setsu means theory or opinion. 明 or mei means bright or light. 書 or sho means write. Doesn't quite make sense when taken by each kanji, but it does if it's at the top of the page for it. Onion Icon

I just won an interesting prize in Gaia.MSN Onion IconsI found Skittle raffle tickets around November, and forgot about them. Funny thing is, they messaged me saying since you kept it so long we're giving you a special prize. Onion IconsLow and behold, I won this little guy. MSN Onion EmoticonI like him a lot more than the other junk they gave away for the Skittle's sponsor. I can either have him like that, in the pic, or in my arms, or on my head. I also saw that he's becoming expensive in the marketplace. Wahoo! Onion Icon

I gardened a bit too. I did it until I started to cramp. And of course, just before than I found an awesome method that will clear up the garden even faster. I'll do it next time than. Maybe soon I can put my plants in. MSN Onion Icons

DeviantART faves: StupidFox I did not make this comic! It's done by an awesome artist called SilentReaper. I love most of her work.Onion IconIt's usually funny, and thoughtful. This is the start of her StupidFox comic, and it's hilarious. The fox reminds me an awful lot of the pets I've had. 

One of my fave songs from an amazing Israeli singer called Ofra Haza:

Fits sensei a little too well! XD

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