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Yom Hashoah

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Today's Yom Hashoah or most people know it as Holocaust Remembrance Day. I can't believe I almost forgot about the holiday. Onion EmoticonI'm glad that there is a holiday like this, because it makes people remember so it doesn't happen again. Sometimes to celebrate it we watch a survivor tell their story. Which I find interesting for some reason. Today, we just had a small service outside. Sang a couple of songs, and read a couple poems written by people who were in the camps. Also, someone who was Baha'i read a very moving prayer. That was awesome! MSN Onion EmoticonsWe always invite anyone who is interested in it. You don't have to be Jewish to go to a memorial service.Onion IconsNext week is Israel's Independence Day.Onion Icon

I'm quitting my board position for Hadassah.MSN Onion Emoticon SetBeen on it for almost a year and a half. I think it's time. MSN Onion IconsAlso, I feel my position, as Secretary, isn't really needed yet.Onion EmoticonI'll email our President tomorrow. She's also going to step down soon. MSN Onion IconsThis group sounds like it's falling apart quickly.MSN Onion Emoticon

I finished the Gendered Specific Language chart on one site.MSN Onion IconsFound a couple more sites that added to it. Started to add those, and will add more soon.MSN Onion EmoticonsI find it all very interesting, might be my Anthropology student in me coming out.Onion Icons(Sorry, if this part becomes long.MSN Onion Icons) Feminine:or no as an ending, especially after a polite (ex: ます or masu; or です or desu) form. Neutral: Use of as a question marker after a plain verb. Feminine: なの or nano as an ending. 
Masculine: なのだ or nanoda. 
Feminine: or yo directly following a noun, な or na-adjective, or particle. これはあなたの本よ。 この花きれいよ。 明日休みなの
Masculine: だよ or dayo. これは君の本だよ。 この花きれいだよ。明日休みなんだよ
Feminine: かしら or kashira, used at the end of a sentence to mean "I wonder". やきいもやさんって夏になると何しているのかしらね。(question in English.) 
Masculine: かな or kana; or かなあ or kanaa. やきいもやって夏の間、何しているのかな
Feminine: あら or ara used to indicate surprise. 
Neutral: あれ or are.
Feminine: まあ or maa can be neutral, but あらまあ or aramaa is feminine. 
Feminine: あたし or atashi, or あたくし or atakushi used in place of わたし/わたくし or watashi/watakushi (neutral). They're both forms of I or me. わたくし and あたくし are polite forms. Sometimes あたい or atai is used, but this has a more little girl like quality, and might be rough. 
Masculine: ぼく or boku (informal male), おれ or ore (tough or juvenile male, women not being feminine or polite, sometimes vulgar.) わし or washi, used by elderly men. 
Neutral: 自分 or jibun can also mean I or me. In the Kansai dialect, it's 'you'. うち or uchi, neutral in some cases, especially when speaking of home and/or family, and also young girls.
Feminine: ちょうだい in place of 下さい or kudasai. (Means please and kudasai is neutral.) 
Masculine: or yo directly after an い-adjective. この本面白い
Feminine: わよ or wayo この本面白いわよ
Masculine: or zo in place of or yo (which is neutral). or ze in place of or ne (also neutral).

We went to a sushi making thing at the market. They had a sample of bits of aburage (fried tofu pouches) on top of sushi rice. The other sample was of a very spicy miso soup. I had the aburage sushi rice, and it was really good.Onion Icon I didn't feel like trying the 'spicy' miso.Onion Emoticon SetThey were selling sushi rice seasoning next to their samples. I decided to get one.MSN Onion Icon It has a bunch of stuff in it, not just the vinegar that makes it sushi. It tasted good in the sample. We looked at the other things that were also on sale, and got a wooden sushi mat, and a sort of portable habachi (or grill/BBQ) thing.Onion IconsYou can grill things like mochi on it over your stove, so you don't have to go outside and grill. We'll see if it works.Onion IconsSo, now I can try making lots of different types of sushi, make inari sushi (we still have some aburage in the freezer), grill mochi, grill my onigiri, and more. Sounds like fun to me! Onion Icons

More faves from deviantART: Strawberry Milk Russian History Wants Out Let's Fight History Again, I did not make these! The first one is kind of an inside joke in Gintama. Gintoki loves strawberry milk, and almost worships the stuff. The drawing is good too. The second is a funny depiction of the Russian- Turkish wars with Hetalia characters. The third, is awesome and funny. Russia's constantly running away from Belarus. The fourth, is an awesome drawing of Gintoki. Very traditional Japanese looking. The last, is full of emotion. It's about the Polish plane crash in Russia. And how today marks the 70th anniversary of the killing of thousands of Polish officers by the Soviet secret police. Their president and several other high officials died in the crash. Kind of ironic. It's very sad, too. I can't imagine what they're going through, and hope they can pull through it. 

An awesome and touching Hetalia vid with the Beatles song Across the Universe. ^_^
Poor Lithuania:

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  1. I hate Hitlar. He's a horrible person. The Holocaust was a horrible event. I hope nothing like it happens again.