Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wonderful Days

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By One Draft. It's also one of the ending songs for Gintama. I love this one! Onion IconsMakes you feel good. It's the 3rd day of Passover! MSN Onion IconsI woke up late, because I felt a bit nauseous. That's the problem with this holiday. The food seems very filling, but it doesn't last long. I had just been very hungry, and when I get that way, I feel sick. I should have had more before going to bed. MSN Onion EmoticonToday, I did a lot of cleaning and some cooking. Onion Icon

I had some Passover noodles with seasonings and cheese. They're weird, but good. Onion IconsWhen it's supposedly 'done', it gets slimy on the outside, but the middle is as hard as a rock. Onion Emoticon SetThe more you cook it, the more the outside gets soggy and the inside becomes softer but still tough. Onion EmoticonAfter cooking it, there was a thick layer of noodles that stuck to the bottom. It was like cement and took forever to clean. That part was rather disgusting. MSN Onion Icons

Next, I made a Passover chocolate cake. The whole house smells like chocolate now! MSN Onion IconIt puffs up a bit, and when you take it out and let it sit for a bit, it kind of collapses on itself. I also frosted it with chocolate frosting. It looks like brownies now. Can't wait to try it tonight!Onion Icons

Tonight, since I'm only cooking for myself, I'm thinking of making matzah brei and a salad. Matzah brei is like scrambled eggs with bits of matzah in it. You can add whatever else you want. We usually put salt, dried onions, and garlic in. It tastes really good! Onion IconThe salad would just be the one from our last seder. It's good too, but she made so much of it and left it for us, so we have to try and eat it before it goes bad. 

I was looking at my DA messages, which seemed normal. I thought it was cool and funny they let people give out Llama badges to everyone. Onion IconsI didn't notice anything odd until I commented back on something. They had changed everyone's avatars to Twilight and Lady Gaga themes. Not only that, they changed our signatures too. Onion Emoticon SetThat's what I really hate about April Fool's on there, I truly thought someone had hacked into my account! Not funny to me! Onion Emoticon SetIt wasn't also the fact that I hate Twilight either, just the thought right away of it changing. 

On TinierMe, they made everyone shrink or made them into giants. I shrunk. My pet was bigger than me and loomed over me.MSN Onion EmoticonIt was a bit freaky. (But, not as bad as what DA pulled.) The giant avatars were even scarier! Onion Emoticon SetThe only bad part about your avatar shrinking, is you can't read what people are saying when you're on chat, because the font is smaller too. 

I don't like what Gaia's event is at the moment. The event is basically lots of 'glitches' throughout the site. I thought my computer was acting up. MSN Onion EmoticonsThey said in the 'event' you could claim your prize. I did, but once you try to equip it, it gives you an error message. Onion Emoticon SetAlso, the background is messed up on the site. They 'jokingly' said that they're trying to fix these 'glitches' at the moment. Also, while we're waiting, we should try to fix it ourselves with their tips. Which were also bogus. Couldn't all these sites come up with something actually funny?!MSN Onion Emoticon

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