Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Naruto Ondo

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It's from the Uzumaki Naruto CD. This one's really fun to listen to. MSN Onion IconHas the voice actors singing from Naruto, and they make fun of them a bit. Like how Naruto says Datebayo! a lot, Sakura's Shannara!, Akamaru's barking, the sharingan, and other fun things. Onion IconsAt the end they're watching the fireworks together. I love how that song flows and is very upbeat. Onion Icons Well, today's the 2nd day of Passover! I had a tuna salad on my matzah sandwich, and had some Charoset with it and a little matzah toffee. I love that stuff! Onion Icon(Apples, some candy like wine (low alcohol content), cinnamon, and walnuts mixture.) I also had a kichel. They're tiny, but I hadn't had one yet, and thought I should have at least one today. It's like a hard egg puff with a little sugar on top, hard to describe, but they are good! Onion Icons

I played Mozart again as a warm up, and started playing my Klezmer songs. These songs seem to go on forever since there are so many repeats and codas. Onion IconsI like them, even though the keys change constantly, too. I also wrote some more. The part I'm writing now, is making me a bit hungry. Onion Icons I also took a couple more pics of our neighborhood. 

Jio and Ruby make it to Entotsu, which is known as the City of Fog. It looks similar to a giant pot with steam coming out of it. No one can communicate with the outside world, because of how thick the steam is. The government is ordering the residents to dig and find O-parts for them. They make even the kids work, all day every day. They beat you if you 'slack off' or take a break. They kill you if you try to escape the city. The mayor, reminds me a bit of Java the Hut, and is even named Jagga. :P (Hmmm... Awfully similar! MSN Onion Icon) He captures Ruby, and plans to eat her. (Wow! I just realized that part looked awfully familiar to the movie too!) Jio meets the resistance. They're planning to infiltrate the mayor's mansion, but Jio and a kid named Ball, go off on their own to find info and try to rescue Ruby. They find out that one of the people that the government's trying to protect its citizens from are working together. Wise the 'Crimson Magician', is that person. He's known to kill anyone who annoys him, and can turn an entire city red with blood. Jio and Ball get caught spying on them.MSN Onion Emoticon

I was going to continue writing the letter back to my penpal, but I can't seem to find her letter.Onion Emoticon It will probably pop up tomorrow.Onion Icons I did get 7 example sentences done. 彼らは早く上がられます。They will be climbing up soon. 彼女は上がられません。She isn't going up. 私はあなたは私と上がらせる。I'm making you climb with me. 私はあなたはカーテンを上がらせない。I'm not making you raise the curtain. あなたは上がらせます。You have to go up. 私たちはあなたは上がらせません。We're not making you go up. 彼らは上がらせられる。He is made to go up. 彼らは彼が上がらせられない。They didn't make him come up. 

Lucy's team make it to the train station. (The pic has them all- Natsu, Erza, Happy (in the middle), Lucy, and Grey.) They find that all the guards are knocked out, and the Dark guild is waiting for them. The team is led to think that the guild's plan is to broadcast Lullaby across the city, killing everyone who heard it. But, Eligor is really going to use it at the place the guild masters are meeting. He uses wind magic, and makes a barrier with it, so no one gets out. Erza's awesome when she fights! She uses magic weapons like axes, spears, and swords. But, she's the fastest at switching between them. Also, her armor changes into a really cool weapon. It's like she turns into a battle angel or something. She has wings, that are more like spears coming out of her back, and other cool weapons built into it. Grey finally uses his ice magic. Really awesome too! 

I played A Blob Tale. It's a very interesting point and click game. You look a bit like a really fat blue hamster.Onion EmoticonsThis game really makes you think, and was cute, and a bit creepy. I couldn't kill the last boss, because I got too frustrated. Onion Emoticon Set

I had two ideas of what to draw next. I decided to draw a seder plate with the stuff in the little cups and Hebrew labels. The other option was starting to draw Zero. But, I thought since it's still Passover, why not have a Passover themed one?MSN Onion EmoticonsI'm tried to make it as big as I could, but I didn't have a big enough circle template. So, I improvised a bit and used a few of my biggest circles, and a couple of the next biggest. It ended up kind of an oval shape, but I like the way it looks, so I'll keep that. The cups are looking good so far, too. We'll see how the stuff in them and the Hebrew is going to come out. I might put matzah in the background.MSN Onion Emoticons

Ocean Sun fish or Mola Mola- Largest bony fish:
Russia loves his vodka! :D

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