Monday, March 15, 2010

Pub and Go!

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From Hetalia's England Character CD sung by the voice actor. It's an awesome song! About a drunk England singing in a pub. :P He sings about the rainy weather, fish and chips, pirates, magic, and tea.Onion IconsI wrote back to a lot of my new penpals. They seem to respond all at the same time.MSN Onion Emoticon SetI finally had the chance to continue chapter 9 of Alliance. The more I think about my story, the more interesting it gets.MSN Onion IconI also played some Mozart and Gershwin on my clarinet. I haven't played some of the Gershwin songs in so long, so it probably wasn't the best. Onion IconOh, I forgot to mention, Sunday was the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. We lose an hour in the US at this time, in the Fall we gain an hour. So, it's Fall back and Spring forward.Onion IconsI always thought that phrase was lame. The whole deal is lame! Every other country stays pretty much the same with their time. It's a big hassle too. Especially when the clocks don't change on their own, and when they change the date of when Daylight Savings Time begins. Appointments get mixed up too.

 In Black Butler (or Kuroshitsuji) I got to the part in the manga where Ciel passes out trying to uncover who the Viscount really is. I love how he has nightmares of when Sebastian was putting the corset on. In his flashback to it he says "My organs are falling out!" "There has yet to be a woman whose organs came out because of a corset."Onion IconHe gets a taste of what women of that time had to go through everyday. Just like the anime the Viscount isn't Jack the Ripper. When Ciel was born, Madam Red was his mother's nurse. She's actually his late mother's sister. (Madam Red's in the pic above.) She wanted to protect him since then. She considers him to be like her own son. (Since she never had children.) Ciel tells her that he won't regret anything he'll do in the future and he won't rely on anyone either. When she's alone with Sebastian, she tells him to take care of him and be by his side anyways. 

I found what I thought was another helpful site on Saturday. Turned out it wasn't what they told me it was, so that idea was shot down.MSN Onion Emoticon Set I just thought it would be interesting to look at another source. 

I did find a good site that gave me a clearer sense of 2 particles that there wasn't much info on. They're basic, but apparently are hard for 'foreigners' to know the difference between them. I had a feel of it, just nice to see it written down I guess.MSN Onion Emoticons

They were は or wa (normally would be pronounced ha, but for the particle it's different.) and が or ga. は in other sources said it was just for the topic of the sentence. が is used: but, sentence subject (occasionally object), however, still, of?, that? The part most people get confused with is topic vs. sentence subject. Topic can encompass both, but according to this not everything can be put under sentence subject. (This is why は is used more often.) Anyways, I'm glad it went into more detail.MSN Onion IconsNow I can be sure about that part of the sentence structure. Tomorrow, I'll do more verb forms.

America visits Japan loves everything he sees. Amazed by the temples and festivals. Apparently, they're starting to notice Canada more. France remembers him right away, but England thought it was America at first. Once he realizes, they start fighting over him again. -_- Cuba actually apologizes to Canada for mistaking him for America. (I seem to forget about Cuba the most. :P In the series at least.) He gives Canada some icecream and tells him to visit Cuba sometime. He takes him up on the offer, and at the airport, starts attacking him because he thinks he's America again. :D 

First topic in this one was about the loss leader business model. Example: printers are cheap, but the ink is expensive. Copiers are cheap, but a profit is made on the maintenance. This part profiled Shouko and Miko who are 'infinite sales chain girls'. Next was about General (or Shogun) Frost. By the end, all the students had the title of 'Shogun' something. Like General Normal, General Split apart perfectly, General immigrant, etc. Then they asked what was higher than the Shogun. Apparently, the Emperor Penguin. (They actually had him walking around! He's normally a painting or a reflection on something.) Next, was a surprise party for Sensei. The students wanted to give him a real surprise, since he had told them that a 'surprise' Birthday party on someone's Birthday is not a surprise. He points out that there are many day to day surprises. They end with saying the more surprising thing would be if something isn't done.Onion Icons

I played Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age. It's a very addicting game. The others were too. This time you start off with taking care of penguins. Taking their eggs, make them into powder, make bread out of them, then make cakes. All the while selling feathers, polar bears that come along attacking them, and more. 

I worked more on Vincent's anatomy or frame. Then, I decided to draw in his clothes. I like how those turned out! :D I think I still need to fix his arms and his feet. I really like how he's turning out though. I thought it would look horrible. 

My mom went to Costco and bought a bunch of awesome stuff! I'm amazed with that place. How huge things are and how cheap. She bought some tortellini and pesto sauce for dinner, and it was SO good! The (5 cheese!) tortellini were huge, they were more like overstuffed raviolis. The cookies were awesome too! Oatmeal, nut, and cranberry. Had a lot of brown sugar too. Very soft cookies. (And healthy, supposedly.) She also got a huge thing of bagels. The good kind, well of what we can get. 

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