Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Situation

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From the Naruto soundtrack. Another great background theme! :D The pic is my new wallpaper for the month. I took this at the Morikami Japanese museum and gardens. Thought it came out pretty good. Well, I spent a while this morning replying to all those new penpals. I'm not complaining though, I'm happy about it. The only downside was they asked me really weird questions. Like, Are you rich? and What are you? O.O I know that it's just plain rude to ask, even in Japan, if someone is rich or not. You just don't do it! But, I answered it anyways, because I don't think he really know what he was asking. The What are you? one was odd. I think I'm human. :P

Then, I posted the 2nd chapter of Alliance on my fave forum. They liked the first chapter, so hopefully they'll like this one too. I thought my mp3 player died Saturday night. I love my zen stone, so I kept trying different things hoping to save it. Mom had a good idea, although I still don't know how it worked. -_- I pressed the reset button, I thought it wouldn't do anything by that point. It's charging fine now, hopefully it'll work tomorrow. :D 

I edited more of Alliance, hopefully I'll finally start chapter 9 tomorrow. Also, I played my clarinet with the new reed and screws. I don't need as much pressure or wind power now. A bit easier to play, and I can keep my breathing consistent again. It feels good to have it finally work almost like before, if not better. :P Although, I have to get used to it again, but that shouldn't take long. 

They're still on the Jack the Ripper arc in Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). This time they have a likely suspect named Viscount Druitt. He fits the criteria: he's a doctor, has no alibi, and is connected to a secret society or Black magic. (They're not sure which.) He graduated from med school, but has never worked at a hospital. And he hasn't been involved in his profession. He hosts numerous other 'seasonal' (Summer) parties, only he invites a select few. The last party is that night, and Ciel and the others have to attend it in order to catch the killer. Madame Red pulled some strings and they were invited. But, they have to follow the roles she gave them. Lau's her lover, Ciel's supposed to be her niece, Sebastian's her niece's home tutor, and Grell stays as he is. (Ciel's dressed up as Red's 'niece' in the pic.) Ciel's really hating to have to act like a lady. The dress is heavy, his feet hurt, and people are gossiping about him. He plays the role well though, and keeps telling himself to just endure it. His fiancee shows up to it too, if she sees him, his cover's blown. Finally, Viscount asks to see her (Ciel). While Ciel's sweet talking Viscount, Sebastian does a magic show to distract everyone. Viscount takes Ciel to a special room that's filled with some sort of gas, and he passes out.

I did 4 verb forms. Passive, causative, causative passive, and volitional. These sentences are probably not the best, but they give me more of an idea of how the form is used. Also, this verb is weird maybe when I move on to others it will be easier to see. これは日本人がしばしば用いる挨拶されなす。This Japanese greeting is often used. 私はあなたが挨拶させます彼女です。I will let you greet her. ゆきは彼らが挨拶させられます。Yuki is made to greet them. あなたは明朝も挨拶しましょう。I intend to greet you tomorrow morning, too.

I haven't watched Hetalia in so long! They kept postponing the episodes. I love it, and missed it so much! XD This one was about how terrified America gets when he watches horror movies, especially when he's alone. He asks Japan to watch a movie with him. America's reasoning is he has to watch them, because he's the hero. Nothing in the movie seems to scare Japan, he just feels sad for the ghost. Although, everything about the movie terrifies America. So, Japan gives America horror survival games to desensitize him. Basically, turns America into a monster. He has blood pouring from his eyes and his skin has turned a bluish- purple color. This is the only thing that freaks Japan out, and he says he'll never understand America. :D

I played a room escape game called Give Me A Pudding. It was in both Japanese and English. (Although, the English was pretty funny.) It's about a ferret named May who's trying to get pudding from it's owner. You get the pudding by doing a 'sexy' ferret pose. Very cute game.

I tried to start drawing another character. The only problem was I couldn't decide which one to draw. It was either Vincent or Zero from my story. The entire time I kept going back and forth, but in the end, all I did was draw a blank head. -_- So, tomorrow I'll hopefully make a decision. (I'm really leaning towards drawing Zero.)

Bacchkoi! XD
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