Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dahlia -She Knows Love-

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By Aikawa Nanase. A cool sounding rock song. Very catchy too. I like her songs so far, might be a new fave! I've found a lot more songs for my playlist online. And, I've found a ton for my Zen Stone. (Mp3 player.) Makes me so happy! Onion IconsPlus, only having 10 or 15 songs for an mp3 player gets old real quick. It holds 2 GB worth of songs, and before I barely filled it to half a percent.Onion Icons I'm improving the amount, but it still's not enough. Just added 8 more songs. I looked for stationary that I could write on for penpals who want snail mail. I only have my old Snoopy ones. It's just not me anymore.MSN Onion Emoticon So, while my mom was out, she found some stationary. This time it looks a lot better. Has poppies around the edges, a green border with white bubbles, and a beige- type of background. Looks a lot nicer. She also got me matching envelopes.MSN Onion EmoticonsVery nice of her. 

Also, I printed off my revised and finished copy of chapter 8. After that, I looked over the hard copy to see if I could find more mistakes. So, now I'm caught up on my editing of Alliance. Finally, I'm going to continue writing tomorrow. It gave me some time to rethink this chapter, and what little I've done for it, I think I'll change. 

Then, I watched last weeks episode of Lost, because I missed it. It was pretty sad, but I think nice towards the end of the episode. They're getting crazier with the plot. If you miss an episode, you get totally confused.MSN Onion Emoticon


  1. I found a new band too! There called Girls generation.(I think there korean.) I love there song called Genie!

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  2. Cool! I'll have to look them up. ^_^