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By Love Psychedelico. I think she sounds the most like Sheryl Crow or something in this one. Cool sounding. It sounds like the songs about her having a bad day, but that life keeps going and things will get better again. I posted some more pics on one of my fave forums. We'll see what they think of the beginning of Veteran's Park. I also did a lot more cleaning than usually do. MSN Onion Emoticon

Started reading Chii's Sweet Home. It's just as cute as the anime, and the chapters are short too. (The anime's episodes were like, 2 and half minutes. O.O Half the time of Hetalia's episodes.) It starts with Chii (the kitten on the left next to the bigger cat or Mom.) getting lost because he was distracted by a butterfly. He thinks wherever Mom is, that's home. So, he finds out it's a scary world out there. Loud scary dogs, cars, kids, etc. Eventually a kid bumps into him at the park. Soon after, Chii passes out, and finds out the kid's family took him home, because he was alone and needed help. He thinks they're nice, but would like to go home, and tries to find a way out. They said it's temporary, because they're not allowed to keep cat's in their apartment. So, when he's feeling better, they'll try to find him a good home. The mom of the family gives him his first bath. He thinks she's killing him. This reminded so much of the way our cat's acted when we would bathe them. :D After that, every time he's picked up, he thinks they're going to kill him. 

I decided to try and split the time between reading a newspaper article and making verb form sentences. I read an article from a popular newspaper in Tokyo called The Asahi Shinbun (Asahi means morning sun and Shinbun means newspaper.). It was about DNA that was being used in a criminal investigation was tampered with in Kanagawa. Verb forms: 私はあなたが彼らを合わせない。I won't make you agree with them. 私はあなたが彼らを合わせます。I will make you agree with them. (polite) The negative verb form for the polite version is the same as for the plain. O.O 彼は彼らが合わせられる。He is made to match them. 

 In Gintama, King of Planet Catnip, is rounding the stray cats' 'balls' up so he can make an aphrodisiac for himself. He thinks the 'stuff' will be more potent if the cats are in a life or death situation, and sends out a monster to attack them in an enclosed room. Hoichi fights it to try and protect the others. (The pic is of them fighting.) He has a flashback, and the only human that took care of him as a cat was Otose. She told him to remember to live positively. Just when Hoichi looks like he's done for, Gintoki comes in (through the wall) and fights the monster. He gives a pep talk to the others telling them there wasn't really a cat 'boss', and that they should live freely. He also says Hoichi was just another pal looking out for them. With that, they all start attacking the monster, and in the end kill it. Once that happens, Gintoki and Katsura return back to normal. Only they've got their heads sticking out of the cat grave. Katsura thinks they were turned into cats, because they needed to help Hoichi and show him he's not really alone. Kondo didn't change, but he walked in with the Shinsengumi and his uniform on. They barely noticed, and said you look a little different today. XD This one may have been more hilarious than the previous episode! 

Osaka's scary when she's half asleep! O.O
Chiyo's Penguin moments. Hilarious!
Poor Chiyo! But, her screams are funny. XD
How Osaka got her nickname:

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