Friday, March 5, 2010

Atural Pop (again)

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By Orange Range. (This weekend I'll hopefully find more music for my playlist.) I took a break from writing Alliance, because I just finished a chapter. I got another penpal! It seems like there's a new one everyday now. I joined another group on deviantART. It features fanart of Russia from Hetalia. He's one of my fave characters! (Obviously.)

I was going to try and finish reading Azumanga Daioh on Manga Fox, but they took it off. Other sites took it off too, so I guess I have to forget about it for a while. So, I looked for a new manga to start. I have 2 possibilities now: Saiyuki or Monster Hunter Orage. Saiyuki is very popular, both in anime and the manga version. I watched an anime episode of it and it was very good. Ever since then I've wanted to try watching more or reading it. It's loosely based on a famous Chinese novel called Journey to the West. The main characters are a monk- Sanzo, a monkey king- Son Goku, a half- demon- Sha Gojyo, and a human turned demon- Cho Hakkai. Monster Hunter Orage has a high rating, but I haven't heard of it before. From the description, it's obviously about monster hunters. That doesn't give me much. There might be more possibilities, I just have to explore more.

I didn't have much time to do my other stuff, because we went out to do errands. I found new screws for my ligature, which seem to be working great. I still have to see what they're actually like when playing, but it's good. Also, got new reeds. I love how I say size 3, and they say we only have Rico in that. Like it's a bad thing. Rico really hasn't been bad. Plus, I don't need anything expensive and fancy. Not many people I know use a size 3, but there are 5 sizes. So, there's got to be some people who get thicker ones. I was out of a lot of things, and apparently we were pretty low on other stuff. So, we did more errands than normal and I'm feeling pretty tired now.

Funny Naruto scenes ^_^:

I'm in dispair! XD

One of the opening credits for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:


  1. How cute! Look at them dance, seems very cool. Check out my blog , I'll be blogging about anime as well

  2. Thank you! Cool! I think I'll follow you. ^_^

  3. okay ill follow u too

  4. aw, azumanga daioh is just 4 volumes long, and worth buying XD

  5. Yeah, it's sad Azumanga Daioh's so short. I actually own 3 of the volumes. :D I just wanted to finish it.