Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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The Miku Vocaloid version. I think it might sound even better than the original. MSN Onion IconsCould be wrong. Sounds like you're enveloped in the music, and it sounds pretty the way she sings it. MSN Onion IconsI had a lot of emails from penpals. So, I spent most of my morning answering them all. Onion EmoticonsI just don't want to leave anyone out or forget about them.MSN Onion Icons

I also watched the signing of the Health Care Reform Bill. I'm so happy it passed, and it's going to help a lot of people. (Including me. :D) They said a lot of the changes will happen right away. In 4 years everyone will be required to have health insurance, and you'll be fined if you don't. Many presidents in the past have wanted to pass some form of this bill, so it's historic that way too. It's historic any way you look at it, really. The protesters to it are still scary.MSN Onion EmoticonThey've been shouting profanities and spitting on people. 

Tonight, we're having the annual Women's Seder. There's good food, schmoozing, and following the story of when we left Egypt. Each food is a symbol, pertaining in some way to the story. What's different then the normal seder is the cup of water for Miriam. The cup is to honor Miriam and her well that sustained the Israelites while traveling through the desert. It also honors women who have contributed to Jewish culture, both past and present. It's a rather new thing. 

Also, the first actual seder of Passover is really next Monday. It's going to be at our house. We're inviting a few people, and everyone will bring something for the dinner. So, we won't really need to cook much. Onion Icons

Started with new sentences for 上がる or agaru- to go up, to rise, to come up, to ascend, to be raised. てっぺんまで上がる。Climb to the top. てっぺんまで上がらない。Don't climb to the top. 6時におむかえに上がります。I'll call for you at 6. 私はあの山が上がりません。I won't climb that mountain. 私は山が上がった。I went up the mountain. 私は山が上がらなかった。I didn't go up the mountain. 私は山が上がりました。I went up the mountain. (polite) 私は山が上がりませんでした。I didn't go up the mountain. (polite)

Get motivated! XD

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  1. I'm glad the health care bill passed too. My dad and mom were jumping around the house happy^__^