Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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I like this holiday a lot! You get to party, have good food, good music, celebrating part of my heritage, and so much more. Also, you better be wearing green!Onion Icons For dinner, again we're making the traditional Irish one: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and soda bread. The corned beef is cooked for about 3 hours slowly. The house smells so good! Drool Then, after that we cook the vegetables with the meat in the same pot for a while. I absolutely love soda bread! It's kind of hard to describe if you've never tried it before. It's made with baking soda instead of yeast. Has flour, salt, and buttermilk too as the traditional basic ingredients. We usually get the ones with raisins. Makes for somewhat of a hearty bread. 

I changed my avatar's look on Gaia, since I felt a bit festive. ^_^ She looks like the pic above now. Probably looks horrible, but I wanted to put as much green on her as I could and added things that I thought matched. 

I also quit a few groups on deviantART, because I didn't care for them anymore. One was promoting unknown artists (which is great!) but the deviations that were coming from it were really horrible and it was a lot of them every day. (Clears up some of my inbox now.) Another one was centered on cookies. MSN Onion IconsI don't know why I even joined that.MSN Onion Icons Another was a procrastinator's group. (Nothing got done.Onion Icons) Another was too 'cutesy' for me. 

I also just realized today that our group's President for Hadassah is quitting. I'm really not sure if I should quit now too. I've been brooding over it for a while. But, now that we might have someone new, I'm not sure if I should yet.Onion Icons There's a women's Passover seder that's being put up by our group on the 23rd. Which is 6 days before the actual holiday. Last year's was really nice. Had a lot of good food, talked with a lot of people, and had fun. The only downside was how many people there were, it was so crowded! We were elbow to elbow at the table. But, I guess it's worth it. The women's seder is still a 'new' idea. We do things like put out a cup of water for Miriam along with the glass of wine for Elijah. Also, we add an orange to the seder plate. I guess I'll go into more detail when it gets closer. ;) Also, we just went out and bought a ton of stuff for the whole holiday of Passover. 

In Fairy Tail, Happy saves Lucy but lands in the sewage and likes it so much he stays there. The secret behind the book, was the author made a letter to his son out of it. But, you could only read it with magic. When the son, Kaby, heard this after they returned with the book intact, he was shocked. Then, grateful and told them they didn't need to destroy it. Natsu says since they didn't finish the job, they can't collect the reward. It would damage Fairy Tail's good name. Later, Happy gets ambushed by some weird wizards, saying they're so hungry and they'll finally get some protein. Natsu and Gray fight them and win. (Gray again ends up in just his underwear. He seems so surprised when he notices. Such a funny and odd character.) But, just after they have them tied up, one of them keeps murmuring 'Lullaby', and something or someone comes in quick and kills them instantly. O.O 

Yukari's driving is scary!

Hilarious scene from Azumanga Daioh:

Sensei loses his voice:

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