Monday, March 29, 2010


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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. I love the way this one sounds! Zesshou means Excellent Song. (Or superb song.) I especially like how it ends with Zetsubou shita! Which, means I'm in despair! and is sensei's or Nozomu's signature phrase. Onion Icons In fact, the voice actor, Kamiya Hiroshi, for him is singing it. (Wonderful singer too!MSN Onion Icon) I posted 2 pics on deviantART: Fountain at Park Close up of Fountain I also put 4 pics up on my fave forum, one of which I didn't post on DA. Onion Icon It came out well, I'm just not sure if I want to post it on there. 

This part was mainly about Madam Red's funeral. Ciel puts a rose in her hair and drapes a red dress over her, saying the color red suits her more. Onion IconsCiel  also told the undertaker to make a grave for the victim he couldn't save. He feels he owes her that much. 

Played Mozart as another warm up. Almost done with playing my Gershwin book, only one more song. I think I'll play my Klezmer book, since it makes sense on such a big holiday.MSN Onion Icon(Klezmer's basically Jewish jazz. Came from Europe mostly.) I still have a dream to make my own Klezmer band, not sure if it will ever happen, though. Onion Icons

I scared that chicken good!MSN Onion Emoticon SetIt slowly walked up to our screen door again, and I didn't move until it was really close. I opened the door and it was so scared it tumbled across the deck.Onion EmoticonsThen, it made it back to the green belt that's in between us and the farm. Apparently, it wasn't good enough, because all day it's been peaking its head out and looking at the house. I just wanted it to be scared enough to find its way back home.Onion EmoticonI don't know if it survived the storm we just had. It was down pouring, there was hail, and wind. We haven't seen it since the storm started. It's either dead or made it back home. MSN Onion Icons

I made Passover popovers. They're really good.Onion IconThey're like buns, only made out of matzah meal. (Ground up matzah.) I found out later, that my boiled eggs weren't cooked all the way.Onion EmoticonMom heated them up, and tried peeling them, but most didn't turn out too well. Onion Emoticon

I've also been cleaning most of the day, and feel pretty worn out now.Onion IconOur seder's starts in about 30 to 40 minutes!MSN Onion Emoticon SetCrazy! But, it should still be fun. We're having 3 people over. Small, but a nice group of people.MSN Onion Emoticons


  1. Black butler Rocks! Its one of my favorites. I'm glad to see their are other fans. Thats a cute picture.*Smiles*

  2. Yeah, it is pretty awesome! :D I liked the pic too.