Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aha! (All We Want)

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By Love Psychedelico. It sounds like a tribute to both the song All We Need Is Love, Lennon, and Bob Dylan. Kind of a cool laid back rock song. The type that makes you feel good when you hear it. MSN Onion IconI wrote a couple more pages for chapter 9. Also, played my clarinet. This time Mozart as a warm-up, and Irish tunes the rest of the time. Got to play one of my faves that I haven't played in such a long time! It's called the Gold Ring. Sounds awesome and is fun to play. The only thing is it's really long, which is tiring. I guess it's a good tiring if it's fun, right? 

In Dear, Chiruha passes out before she could transform all the way. Kisara saves her and takes her to his place. Tells her that he has to keep an eye on her, since his job is when he finds a Lycanthrope, he's supposed to protect it. (Since they're so rare.) So, she has to stay there. She's more than happy about it though, and says when they were little they used to play together. He tells her he's happy to have met her again. Since he has to keep an 'eye' on her, he takes her everywhere with him, including work. After meeting his co-workers, she's amazed by small things like mechanical pencils and instant meals in bowls. (Ramen, spaghetti, etc.) Apparently, back at her home she only ate wild birds, boars, and wild plants. O.O For the first time, she decides to make 3 different cuisines from things she learned while watching TV. American, Chinese, and Japanese food. Comes out good. When she hears loud noises her 'wolf' ears pop out. (Which causes problems if you have to conceal your identity.) Kisara tells someone over the phone that he's only being friendly with her so he can kill her more easily. Later, she saves him from 2 demons, and he tells her never to do that again. But, she tells him she's keeping the promise they made when they were little. You protect me, and I'll protect you. 

I did a few more verb forms. 私はあなたが合えない。I can't agree with you. あなたは彼らの合えますか。Can you match those? 私はあなたが合えません。I can't agree with you. (Polite version.) 彼らは合われる。They would be correct. 彼らは合われない。They aren't correct. 彼らは合われます。They would be correct. (Polite.) 彼らは合われません。They aren't correct. (Polite.) 私はあなたが彼を合わせる。I will make you agree with them.

Naruto Shippuden wasn't up yet, so I watched Gintama instead. :D (The gorilla is Kondo, white cat is Gintoki, and Katsura's the black one. Their cat and gorilla versions are funny and fit their personalities well.) Only Gintama can have you crying your eyes out one minute, and the next laughing so hard. ^_^ Apparently, they're rounding up all the stray cats, and taking them to the planet Catnip's embassy. XD Hoichi used to be human. He was in the Yakuza and used to murder people whenever his employer told him to and felt imprisoned. One day he met a stray cat, and he envied him for being so free. He started feeding him everyday. When he played with him, it calmed him down. After that, he promised to never kill anyone, because the cat taught him the value of life. When his employer found out, he sent him on a suicide mission, and he was prepared to die. Just before they were going to kill him, the cat that he took care of jumped inbetween and was killed trying to save him. Next thing he knows, he's a cat. The cat felt that Hoichi broke his promise and for his punishment, he gave him his body. Now, Hoichi tries to protect those who he cares about. (Very similar to the cat before.) Hoichi gets captured. Gintoki, Kondo, and Katsura get caught after they fall into a trap while trying to find Hoichi. Katsura breaks out of the cage, and frees the other 2. (Hilarious scene!) He and Kondo fight the guards while Gintoki goes on to find Hoichi. 

Played a game called Old Gold Mine. It was interesting, but a bit creepy. In the end you get the gold and escape. 

I'm done with my drawing of Vincent. I really like the way he turned out, except his hands. I still have to work on those a bit more. ^_^ I think it's good, that it seems to be the only thing that's off with it now. I love the colors I decided on, and even the way I 'designed' his clothes. I tried to make him look a little tough. He has some holes in his jeans, chain coming from a black belt that hangs, a white shirt, and a nice detailed black 'leather' jacket. I even like how his hair and eye colors came out. :D I'll post him tomorrow on deviantART. I'll give the link out for it too. 

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's spoof on the Exorcist:
Sadaharu vs. Elizabeth. Sadaharu must be the most violent mascot out there! :D
Beagle puppies!
Find an idiot! :P
Vending machine:

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