Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dead Line Dance, Death

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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei soundtrack. Very upbeat, jazzy tune. Although, there is a hint of dark humor to it. (With the lyrics and music.) I like that it's another song that show cases a lot of the voice actors. What another crazy day! Onion EmoticonsThe power went out twice because the wind was incredibly strong. Also, there was a huge tree on our neighbor's property that split in half. Onion IconsWhile it was coming down, it hit a transformer. (Luckily, the wind wasn't blowing in our direction.) It was so loud! Onion Emoticon SetI took a couple of pictures of it, because it was a bit shocking. Monkey IconOn top of that we had someone stop by to help with housework. We were going to tell her that she didn't have to do it today. She was on her way before we could contact her, but she still did a lot of stuff for us. It was very nice.MSN Onion EmoticonsI wrote a couple more pages for chapter 9. Also, played some more Mozart on my clarinet. I'm getting closer to the way I played before! Wahoo!Onion Icon

They introduced Jun Kudou. He's the class' genius story teller. He aspires to read every book ever written. He moves everyone to tears with his stories. He can make up a story about anything. (Cell phones, tails, mice, 'proper' amoebas, transparent wigs, etc.) Next, it was the Cultural Festival, and the class had to come up with a something to do for it. (Things like plays, or singing, etc.) Sensei says if they must participate in this year's, they should have it at the minimum 'cultural' standard. His ideas of what's more cultured than others is really bizarre. Onion Emoticon Set

Since the power was out for a bit, I didn't get to do as many verb forms as I had planned. けっこう、あなたは私が合わなかったら。Fine, if you don't agree with me. あなたはあれが言うはい合いましたら。If you agree with that say yes. けっこう、あなたは私が合いませんでしたら。Fine, if you don't agree with me. (This time a little more polite.) 

Wow! This episode was incredibly sad.Onion IconsThe real 'Jack the Ripper' was actually 2 people: Madam Red and Greil. Madam Red's reason for killing the prostitutes was: she felt that they had a chance at having kids and they threw it away because they thought it was too much hassle. She had a miscarriage and lost her husband in one day. Then, was told they took her 'womb' out in order to save her. When she found out Ciel had come back after the mansion burned down, she wanted to make him be her actual son. She still longed for a kid. Greil isn't really who he says he is. In fact, he changed his entire appearance to seem normal. He's a bloodthirsty Shinigami. (Or what we might call a Grim Reaper.) He loves the color red. His actual her color is red, clothes are red, and he even puts the blood of his victims on people before he kills them as their 'make up'. His 'scythe' is custom made into a chainsaw. This guy's crazy! He kills his accomplice, Madam Red, because she can't kill Ciel. Then, Ciel tells Sebastian to kill Greil, but it's almost unheard of for a demon to kill a Shinigami. Next episode is their fight. 

I played White Day 2. It's another Minoto game. I love his games! They're funny, cute, and I like the puzzles. Although, this time the puzzles seemed a little too easy.Onion Icons I also fixed some areas of Vincent's anatomy, then inked everything. I think his clothes turned out well. I'm going to color him tomorrow. Soon, after that, I'll post him on deviantART. The only thing that feels a bit 'off' is his legs. They seem too long, or his body is too short, or both. It's only by a little bit, so I'm probably just nit-picking.MSN Onion Icon

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