Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Happy Days (again)

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By nobodyknows+. I still like this song, kind of seems calming. :D Another weird day! Hopefully, next week will be better?MSN Onion EmoticonIt was at least weird mood wise. I accidentally swallowed a bunch of Listerine, then things seemed to set me off more later, thought I'd get a lot more done, and I just overall felt weird. I guess it's one of those days. I'm fascinated about how much I share in common with one of my new penpals. It's really cool!MSN Onion IconsI also sent her one of my drawings since she asked to see them. Hopefully, it won't look too bad to her. I got in touch with the person who called from SSA. All they wanted to do was tell me they scheduled an exam for me that's free, and what clinic I went to last. I got the letter explaining more today, too. Apparently it's going to be a mental exam, done in a place I've never been. I'm a bit scared, because what type of mental exam will it be? I've done a depression form, maybe it's something specifically for Bipolar 2? Why would they need more than what my psychiatrist can give them?Onion Icons

I also posted chapter 3 of Aliance to one of my fave forums. Plus, I edited more of the rest of it. I guess I'll have time to actually write more of chapter 9 on Sunday. I also wasn't happy with my choices for manga today, so I looked around for more comedy type ones. As it is, I think I'll read Chii's Sweet Home. I've watched a lot of the anime, and it's very cute and hilarious.Onion IconsIt's about the misadventures of a kitten named Chii. She gets into a lot of mayhem. Reminds me very much of our cats. I got a chance to play my clarinet, and mostly played Irish tunes this time. A lot of them I hadn't played for maybe a couple of years. It was fun to play them again. 

I did 11 sentences using different verb forms of 合う or au.MSN Onion Emoticon Setそれは合わない。That doesn't match. どれは一番合いますか。Which fits best? 私はあなたが合いません。I don't agree with you. それはあなたの耳飾りが合った。That matched your earrings. 彼らは合わなかった。Those didn't match. 彼らは一番合いました。Those matched the best. それは合いませんでした。That didn't fit. 私はあなたが合って。I'm agreeing with you. それは合わなくて。That isn't matching. それは合いまして。That is matching. それは合いませんで。

Ok, one really good thing today was I got to watch Gintama! I really love this series!Onion Icons (I think it may be better than Naruto Shippuden.Onion Icon)This pic was of Kagura, Gintoki, and Shinpachi at the very beginning. It was sort of like a New Year's/ promoting their movie bit. (And, yes Shinpachi's dressed as a giant Kagami Mochi. It's a traditional New Year's food that has layers of mochi and a bitter orange on top. It's supposed to symbolize the continuation of generations and long life. Even the eggplant and Mount Fuji have a ton of symbolism for the New Year.) 

This time, their job was to catch a cat named Hoichi. While waiting to get it, Gintoki decided to pee on the grave that's filled with cat souls. Onion Emoticon SetAfter Hoichi comes out of nowhere and attacks Kagura and Shinpachi, Gintoki turns into a cat himself. Something like since he 'defiled' the grave, he's cursed. He runs around town and there's these weird people trying to neuter him. Hoichi saves him, but later fights him. Apparently, Katsura did a similar thing, was turned into a cat, and battled Hoichi. Kondo was randomly bitten by a gorilla and turned into one. (The running gag is he supposedly looks and acts like a gorilla.) The person all the cats call 'owner' is feeding them sedatives so the men who are neutering them can round them up. Hoichi goes easy on his battles with the 'newbies', it's just to test them. He takes Katsura, Gintoki, and Kondo around trying to teach them how to beg from humans. They start with Kyuubei and Otae. Kyuubei just happens to be carrying around a huge chunk of ham. Doesn't give it to them because she thinks it's not healthy and it's got too much salt. Sougo eats a sausage in front of them and takes a pic of their reaction. Toshi is eating mayo straight up, and leaves some for them. Hoichi's special place for food is the snacks shop.

I played Winter Escape game. It's an escape game where you have to 'escape' the wintery outdoors into your home. There were lots of interesting codes. Was a pretty funny game overall. I only needed a little help at the beginning, but once I got it I was in pretty quickly. 

Didn't get a chance to draw, instead we went to the grocery store. Got some soda bread, corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. I'm part Irish, so it's kind of a special holiday for me.Onion IconMy mom made an awesome dessert for tonight. It's like a fruit crisp, only it's called a dump cake. Simply because you 'dump' things in together. This time it's with chocolate cake mix, last time it was with vanilla. It sounds like it may even be better. It also has cherry and pineapple filling. Simple, but oh sooo good!Onion IconI can't wait to have it! 

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