Thursday, March 11, 2010

Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman

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Sung by Noriaki Sugiyama on the UK character CD for Hetalia. The songs on the CD are sung by the voice actor for England. It's a pretty funny song.Onion IconWell, my computer was extremely slow this morning. Then, my internet connection was down for a bit, too. Wahoo!MSN Onion EmoticonIt's just been a really weird day. So, I managed to get a lot of editing done on Alliance. Oh, and I finally incorporated the character's description I seemed to have forgotten before. So, now people can 'see' him. Also, added the majors of the students, at least the ones I know so far.MSN Onion Icons Then I also added degrees that the other people have, and what job they have. Like professor, chef, etc. That was fun! The only one that's kind of hard to fill that info for is Sahara, since she's in high school and doesn't work yet. Tomorrow, I'll probably fix what I did in the 9th chapter, I already made some mistakes. Onion EmoticonAnd, then I can continue with the story. 

Since my internet was still down, I practiced writing an email for my penpals. I'm not quite done, but I think it turned out ok.MSN Onion EmoticonsI got some help from the previous sentence examples I've made. For the most part, I didn't need it, but it was to make sure. 

In Naruto Shippuden, Shiranami activates the Forbidden Justu with his abilities. Utakata's bubbles lead him and Naruto to the chakra coming out of it and Hotaru's back. Shiranami plans to take over the world and destroy the 5 Great Nations. Hotaru will be his tool. He puts Naruto and Utakata in his Word Bind Jutsu. Meanwhile, Yamato, Sakura, and Sai trap the villagers to protect them, but the bandits break them free. Just before Utakata was put under the jutsu, he sent a bubble bomb that slowly made it's way to Shiranami, and exploded. Both Naruto and Utakata break their seals, but can't undo Hotaru's. Then, Shiranami fully activates the Forbidden jutsu, and it's like an atomic bomb went off. But, no one dies. The 3 with the villagers beat the bandits and trick them. After stopping Shiranami from fleeing they ask him to undo Hotaru's seal. He tries, but fails, and the thing activates again. This time it's powering up much faster and stronger. If it were to explode, it would obliterate the village. Utakata uses his tailed beast's power and helps Hotaru. (Apparently, he has the Rokubi or 6 tails. Which I read is a slug. You don't actually see it in the anime, just glimpses.) It shields the blast and the Jutsu vanishes from Hotaru's back. He finally calls himself her 'master' and her, his student. Since Hotaru's safe, Team 7 leave her to train with Utakata. He leaves her somewhere in a field to get permission from his village, and bumps into the Akatsuki. They kill him and steal the Rokubi. That last bit happened so suddenly, and they were so happy just before, it was a bit of a shock. I read somewhere that in the manga he was killed off right away or something, so I guess they needed to kill him. It's still so sad.Onion IconsI liked him a lot. 

There was a call yesterday from the decisions office of the SSA. They wanted me to call back. So, I did today, only the person that called wasn't there so I left a message. We seem to be playing phone tag.Onion IconsI'm hoping it's about my claim being accepted or something good like that. I also drew more of Vincent. Got mainly a rough sketch of his body. Still not happy with it, but it's a rough sketch. Tomorrow, I'll probably make a better framework of it and flesh it out. MSN Onion Icon

Osaka's hilarious! ^_^

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