Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ai No Mi (Dub Mix) (yet again)


By Minmi. (I so need to find more tunes for my playlist!) This morning my computer was really slow, which made it less time to do my morning stuff. I thought it was updating in the background or something. Usually when that happens I get a little bubble saying it just downloaded its updates. That didn't happen this time. Maybe it was some other application? 

I got a new watcher on deviantART! Makes me so happy! I also posted the next chapter to Alliance: Chapter 8 I just noticed, someone downloaded it. I'm still a bit weary of that feature, because they could probably call it their own. Maybe next time I can disable it or something? But, then again it could also be used so the person can read it at another time, or its just something they liked and wanted a copy. 

I played my clarinet again! This time it wasn't too bad. I guess I'm getting more like I was before. Played some Mozart and some Irish tunes. Yeah, I'm weird, Irish tunes for a clarinet isn't heard of too often. It's fun though, and a bit more challenging. 

In Dear, after Chiruha tells Kisara that she's a Lycanthrope, he gives her some of his dinner. (I thought he would kill her since she's not human.) The whole time she's with him, she's incredibly nervous. Kisara has amnesia, and obviously can't remember where he came from or who he was. Later, Chiruha gets tricked by a demon that tries to eat her. Kisara jumps in and saves her. She suddenly has a flash back of when she was younger and with a little boy, who looked awfully similar to Kisara. He saved her, too. I don't know the people in the pic yet, but they're in the next part. The art's pretty cool in this manga. 

I worked on more verb form sentences. I kept my non- past example, because it looked like I was correct by looking at how it was used with other examples online. Next, was て or te form- In this case, used as 'greeting'. 何を挨拶しましてよ。What a greeting! (Not a very original sentence but I figured out the Japanese on my own and reviewed it, it was correct.) Next, was the potential form. のちほど、あなたは彼らに挨拶できますか。Later, can you greet them? Tried to do 2 other forms, but it doesn't seem like those ones are really used with this verb. After going through the other forms, I'll probably do the negatives of them. I also got a another penpal! It's like someone told all these people to in the next couple of days email her. I haven't been on the site they saw my profile on for at least a year. That's the creepy part. Although, I'm pretty happy with as many penpals as I can get. 

In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto falls into a trap when he thinks he's found Shiranami. The bandits were waiting for him, and put him in a barrier that sucks the chakra out of its victims. He easily breaks it, barely using his Kyuubi chakra. (Which overloads it.) They put him in a bigger one, this time he passes out. Utakata saves him. Meanwhile, Shiranami finds and brings Hotaru back to her village. He's turned all the villagers into what looks like zombies, but they're under a jutsu that makes them blindly obey him. Naruto and Utakata make it to the village. Even the kids are under the jutsu, one attacked them. Soon after, the other villagers start attacking too. The bandits are controlling them. Sai, Yamato, and Sakura find Naruto and Utakata just in time. The 4 bandits try to attack all of them, but Naruto and Utakata get past them. Shiranami is doing a ritual that will extract the Forbidden jutsu from her back. 

I played a game called Immortall. It was very interesting, if not strange. You're an alien who crash lands on Earth, which is apparently in the midst of a war. As you become friends and walk around with the humans, you get bigger. Suddenly, there are spots where people with machine guns, bombs, and tanks are trying to kill the humans you became friends with. You have to shield the attacks in order to save the family who follows you everywhere. Eventually, it gets to be too much and you die at the end. The humans mourn you for a while, but leave, and you get covered in snow. This seemed even more unique than what I've seen lately, very cool. Although, sad. I played a Minoto game called Morning Time. His games are always funny and cute! It was about a girl who wakes up with bed hair, and you have to exchange items to find her hair gel. They even had a monkey doing curling. So odd, yet fun! 

I decided to take a rest from drawing since I just finished one. So, I posted Gun in a forum I really like. Also, posted my story, a recipe, and signed up for a contest. The contest is for best self- drawn original character. I put Gun in for it. The contest just started yesterday, and will go until the 17th. I doubt I'll win, but it should be fun and new. I'm not used to contests or competitions. 


  1. ive never heard of dear be4 but it seems cool..kind of like dararara

  2. Yeah, I found it randomly. :D I haven't heard of Dararara. It's been good so far, I wonder why it's not that popular.