Friday, March 26, 2010

Zessei Bijin

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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei CD. Means Absolute Beauty. If you know the lyrics, it's got a lot of dark humor in it. If you don't, it just sounds like a fun, jazzy, light-hearted song. So much like the series! Onion Icons The girls from the series are singing this one too. Well, I slept in again. (Only not as much as yesterday.) Still feel pretty drained. MSN Onion IconHad internet problems too. 

I gave my Selfy a new outfit, since I didn't feel too great. Onion Emoticon(She's in the pic.) Selfy's are avatars similar to Gaia's. They're on TinierMe. She has darker shorter hair, darker eyes, gave her a bow for her hair, 'ethnic' earrings (really are just funky and dangly), a retro looking maroon and white dress, and black high-heeled shoes with a red heart on the side of them. It looks classy. MSN Onion Icon The other one looked like a cross between punk and lolita. Onion IconSo, it's interesting to see a different look on her.

I tried using the Hebrew keyboard on here, just for fun. It was really messed up, similar to how the Japanese one was at first. I had to do something big like reinstall it to get that to work. Onion EmoticonI felt it was too much of a hassle, so I took it off my language bar. Next thing I know, it has Chinese as my default language. MSN Onion EmoticonIt was a bit scary, but after restarting my computer it was fine. MSN Onion Emoticon

Mom made the granola that we use as breakfast during Passover. It's such good stuff! Onion IconsIt has Matzah chunks called farfel, honey, a variety of dried fruits, and nuts all mixed and cooked in the oven together. It becomes almost like candy. Plus, it takes a very long time to get soggy in milk, because of the honey becoming hard. So, that's another added bonus.Onion Icons

I did 10 example sentences for 上がる. 何は私たちはこれは山が上がりませんでしたら。What if we didn't climb this mountain? 何を私は上がればか。What if I go up? 何を私は上がらなければか。What if I didn't go up? 何を彼はそこに上がりますならばか。What if he goes up there? 何を彼は上がりませんならばか。What if he doesn't go up? あなたはてっぺんまで上がれるか。Can you climb to the top? 私はてっぺんまで上がれない。I can't climb to the top. 私はそれは山が上がれます。I can go up that mountain. すみません、私はそれが上がれません。Sorry, I can't raise that. 彼は7時で上がられる。He will be going up at 7. 彼は今日は上がられない。He isn't climbing today. 

We're going to have salmon, peas, and pasta for dinner. Also, we got apple fritters for dessert. Good, since most of those things we won't be able to eat during the holiday.Onion IconPlus, all of it is really tasty anyways. 


  1. Your dinner sounds good. I'm having subways. YUCK!

  2. Yeah, it was very good! ^_^ Subway's not too bad, though. :)