Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Everybody Needs Somebody (again)

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By Love Psychedelico. (Again, I need to find more songs! I'll look for more eventually. :D) It was really cold today. It seemed colder than normal since the last few days were so much warmer. In fact, it snowed in some areas around us.MSN Onion Emoticon Set I had a very rude email from one of my new penpals, so I dropped him. Onion Emoticon SetNobody asks things like how rich are you, you must have been a cheerleader if you were in the pep band, I would have liked to see you in the outfit, etc. The other email I got this morning from one of them was extremely nice. It seems we have a lot in common too. MSN Onion Icons She even asked if we could be friends on Facebook! I'll have to see what the others reply with. It kind of feels like a game.Onion Icon I finally started writing chapter 9 of Alliance. It took me a little while to get back in the 'groove', but once I was, I couldn't stop.MSN Onion Emoticons I played more of my clarinet, and I'm getting more used to the reed and screws. Played Mozart and Irish tunes like I've been doing. Just happy that it's being more normal.Onion Icon

In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Rin (Nozomu's sis) visits sensei (Nozomu Itoshiki), saying she 'longs' to live in poverty. In reality, she's just making fun of them. Rin's holding a Scare Out Walk. (They do this in Japan usually during the summer.) Only sensei says it's more accurate to call it a Gross Out Walk. She agrees, and says it's an Itoshiki's customary event to gather anything gross and they hope to gross you out of your mind.Onion Emoticon Set The students walk around, and apparently there's something gross for everyone. 

I did 3 verb forms: Conjecture (or Presumptive), Alternative, and Imperative. 私たちはあなたがのちほど挨拶するでしょう。We probably will greet you later. いいが挨拶しましたりね。Things like greetings are nice. いけ彼らは挨拶しなさいよ。Go greet them! I'm starting a new verb tomorrow: 合う or au- to suit, to fit, to match, to agree with, to be correct. Sounds like it might be easier to do all the forms with. 

In Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), they're on the Jack the Ripper arc. I think they skipped through some stuff from the manga.Onion Icons But, it made the story go a lot faster, so that's good with me. Madame Red and Lau visit again. Scotland Yard are looking into the case, and tell Ciel to stop investigating. So, he goes to see the undertaker. (The undertaker's in the pic above.) In order to get info from him, he wants someone to make him laugh. He's weirder in this than the manga. That's a good thing!MSN Onion Emoticons Makes it funnier. Eventually they get the info, and pretty much skipped right to the party. It was even funnier to see the anime version of the group trying to act their 'roles'. (Especially Ciel, being Red's 'niece'.)Onion IconsAfter passing out, Ciel finds out that he's on auction for his organs. (Well, really 'her' organs.) Sebastian saves him, and kills Druitt. They think that solves the case, but he wasn't really Jack the Ripper. Since the very next day there's another murder.MSN Onion Emoticon Set

I played Cat of Bubble by Minoto. I love his point and click games! Ended up helping the cat over the spikes, turned the cat into a superhero to break a safe, and at the end it flew away in a bubble. I think he must be high when he does these, but they're still awesome.Onion Icons

I finally decided on which character to draw: Vincent. He's a vampire, the other is a Phoenix. I already had a pose for Vincent in my head. Also, he has a bit more 'attitude'. Zero is more to himself. Just thought it would be more interesting with a more 'expressive' character.MSN Onion EmoticonsI managed to finish his head. His hair took a bit longer than I thought it would. Also, for a while I felt his eyes weren't right. So, I kept going over it, trying to get it better. I think I'm pretty satisfied now. 

Tonight my mom and I get to make our own pizzas!Onion IconsSince, my dad has a thing tonight. He doesn't eat cheese, so this is our chance!Onion Icon


  1. Ur dad doesn't like cheese^^ thats so funny cuz i dont either

  2. this is great! i love the daikon chibis ^_^