Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sakura (again)

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By Ketsumeishi. I don't know why I love this song so much.Onion IconsMy forbearances for my loans were approved! It means I don't have to worry about paying for the next 9 months. Wahoo!Onion IconMakes me so happy! None of that every 3 months stuff.Onion IconsI posted 2 more pics on deviantART: Palm Trees More of Veterans' Park After going over a lot of my hard copy Alliance last night (since our cable was out.), I was able to find a few mistakes that would have been hard for me to see on my computer.Onion Icon I'm glad I found them. Also, noticed I didn't describe one of my newer characters when I should have. I was planning to after figuring it out in my separate character descriptions sheet, but never got to it. I thought his description was awesome, so I don't know why I didn't go back to it.MSN Onion Icons Played a lot better on my clarinet today too. 

Jin used to be friends with Jio, and then turned on him when he thought Jio killed his parents. He shows up saying he's hired by Sabaki to kill 'the old man', so he might as well erase Jio's existence. Jin's effect on his O- part, which is a giant jagged sword, is black flames. These flames won't stop until they burn through something. Then Jio and Jin start battling it out. Eventually Jio gets stabbed and the flames engulf him. But, they don't scorch him and they disappear. He changes into 'Satan' though, and sprouts wings. He's about to attack Jin and then Jin realizes, Jio has no memory of being 'Satan' and while he forgives him, his tears stop Satan from killing him. (Something like Jio's still there, only really deep.) But, in the end Jin sacrifices himself to save Jio. Later, the Master of the Thorns (a giant bird) swoops down and carries Sabaki away to eat him. MSN Onion Emoticon Set

I went over some listening lessons online, just to see how much I can pick out. Turns out I understand almost every lesson I looked at. That's an awesome sign! Doesn't mean I'll stop working at it, but it's nice to know.Onion EmoticonsThen, I did the first verb form for 合う or au, which was the plain positive non- past form.  (Basically, not the most polite and in the present tense.) 彼らは靴下合うそれドレスね。(Romaji: karera ha kutsushita au sore doresu ne.) Those socks go with (or match) that dress, huh. 

In Fairy Tail, Lucy finds an apartment next to the guild. When Natsu and Happy show up out of nowhere, she shows them her spirit keys. She was hoping to summon a dog spirit to show them how it's done, but got something weird instead. (That's the 'something weird' in the pic.) Onion Emoticon SetShe makes a contract with it, and decides to keep him as a pet. She calls him Plue. People in the guild usually make their own teams to make the jobs easier. So, Natsu asks if Lucy wants to join his team. She agrees to it. Their first job together is to tear or burn up a book called 'Daybreak' that's in the Duke Everlue's mansion. There's a 2 million jewels reward for it. They find it, Lucy hesitates, and Everlue catches them. Natsu fights and wins against his 2 bodyguards, while Lucy tries to figure out the secret behind the book.

I played Puzzles of Gemland. It's similar to a game called Bloons, only with gems, balls, and a canon. Onion IconGot old after a few minutes. The other game I played was incredibly addicting! It's called Valthirian Arc. You make your own wizard academy, train, and graduate your students. Over time you gain fame and money. Your students go out on errands, fight monsters, and take tests in order to get a weapon upgrade. There's a lot of different classes for them too. Like, Gunslinger, Duelist, Spirit Mage, etc. They get to choose which one they want once they level up to 10. I managed to graduate about 18 of the students that I made, and had to stop there.

A funny Naruto flash:
One of the opening songs to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:

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