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Or Vision by Kanon Wakeshima. Her songs always sound so soulful. ^_^ I think I might have finished writing chapter 8. I want to go over it one more time, and then I'll post it to deviantART. I played my clarinet too! I still need the extra screw or a new ligature. (I keep forgetting until I actually play!) Also, since my reeds are SO old (I don't even remember when I bought them) I'll have to get new ones too. Since those 2 things that help make the sound actually happen weren't working very well, it was hard to make notes. It tired me out. I usually can play some pretty thick reeds (they're harder to play) and can hold my breath the longest, so this was frustrating. 

O- Parts of A- quality are the most powerful. If used incorrectly, it can destroy a city. Jio and Ruby are traveling through the Thorn Ruins, to get to the next town. Jio has always had a split personality, and was picked on as a kid. The Thorn Ruins are full of A- quality O- parts. Sabaki is finding them and instead of giving them to the government, he sells them on the black market. 

I made a better sentence for the past form of 挨拶 or aisatsu- to greet or to salute. 彼は私に「おはよう」と挨拶した。He greeted me with "Good Morning". I'm still working on the non- past form. I have a sentence, but I'm not sure if it's done right. 私はあなたを挨拶ますあなたのあらしごとです。I salute you for your hard work. The parts I'm still going to see if they're correct are the 挨拶ます (whether it should be with the ending or not- too formal?), and です at the end. Also, I emailed back a couple of my penpals, a little in Japanese. 

 The Magic Council is called Era. Both Natsu and Lucy make it back to Fairy Tail. (Happy is the flying cat, Lucy's in the middle, and Natsu's on the right in the pic.) Apparently, the people in Fairy Tail are always fighting each other. (Although, it's pretty lighthearted.) Gray Fullbuster has an 'extreme' habit of taking off his clothes. O.O Cana Alberona is the biggest drinker in Fairy Tail. She's constantly drinking. Elfman thinks every job can be solved with his fists. He's a Hyper- Muscled wizard. Loke is high up on the list of 'Most Eligible Wizards'. XD (Ladies man, in case you didn't catch that.) Mirajane's a wizard who does photo spreads for the Weekly Sorcerer. Makarov is the Fairy Tail's master. He looks like a tiny old man when he's not using his magic. Lucy got a special mark for joining Fairy Tail. There's a large board where all the wizards look for jobs. Natsu was raised by a dragon. One day it vanished, and he's been on a quest to find him. It's name is Igneel. 

I played a game called Trix. You drag these blobs (that have eyes) to their corresponding color. They pop once they bump into each other. When the area is full, the game's over. I lasted about 2 and a half minutes for my best time. 

I tried to scan my drawing of Gun with my scanner. It ruined the pic, looked like his skin was blue, and there was streaks everywhere on it. I tried cleaning it, changing settings, etc. Nothing worked. So, I tried it on Mom's scanner. It worked wonders! I was so happy, that she let me use it and it turned out well. So, I posted it. It's at: Gun I think he turned out pretty well. ^_^

I noticed a couple of days ago, that I had such a significant change in my mood after I started my new batch of refills. I think 3 months degrades my pills greatly. I was thinking so negatively. Now, I'm very positive, feeling cheerful, and active with things again. That's the way I should feel. It's nice to get back to feeling this way. :D I have Bipolar 2, so it's kind of serious when my meds are out of whack. Even more so without. 

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