Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Atural Pop


From Orange Range. Another fun song by them. The kind of song that's uplifting and you'll want to sing a long with it. I edited more of chapter 8. Was going to keep going with it, but thought I should fix a few things first. -_-" I think that this chapter is going to be the longest one. :P Hopefully that's not a bad thing. I also posted 3 more pics to deviantART: Koi 4 Memorial Jewish Memorial at Park 

I tried to register for Birthright Israel, but apparently the deadline passed a couple of days ago. :( I read somewhere that you can go on the trip until the year you turn 27, so I have a little more time than I thought. I also saw that the program is being criticized for their screening process, politics, and where they get the funding for these trips. So, I looked at other programs. Oranim has a similar program, only they allow 18 to 30 year olds to have a free trip. Also, you could go for the 3 month one or the 10 days. O.O I wouldn't want to go for 3 months, but it's nice they have that option. They used to be the biggest trip organizer for Birthright, but Birthright cut down on its organizers so they made their own program. Sounds a lot better, but their registration has passed too. We'll see which program I want to try next time.

Apparently, the arranged marriage ceremony for the Itoshiki's is at the mansion and lasts 24 hours. During this time, anyone whose eyes meet will get married immediately. O.O Even sensei's students are candidates. All of them are forcing him to look at them. He's a pro at avoiding eye contact, though. During this time even 2 guys can get married. (Kind of interesting.) In the end he doesn't make eye contact with anyone. Next, was a topic about needing instability in order for there to be stability. Sensei talks about how crazy he is, and tells his students to aim for instability because the world is too stable. They eventually go to a museum of instability. Sensei sees a pic of a penguin and after the story behind it he goes even more crazy. (No wonder I see the same penguin everywhere in this series. It's in the lamp's reflection in the pic.) Chiri goes nuts and wants to stabilize the world.

I got an email back from one of my new penpals. Wahoo! Finally have one. She's going to send me some snail mail. I reviewed the adjectives for last years Level 3 of the JLPT. I knew them all! O.O I might be more prepared than I thought. I also looked over parts of the kanji quiz. It's 10 pages long! I think it has more kanji than the list for the level. I knew the ones I saw though. Next, I started making sentences with the first verb. I plan to try and come up with different sentences for each verb form. Should help me with getting more of a handle on them. Example: 「今日は!」彼は私に挨拶した。"Hello!" He greeted me. It's probably not the best sentence. Tomorrow, I'll try to come up with a better one for the past form. 

Greil, who's Madam Red's butler, tries to learn from Sebastian. Since he doesn't feel adequate enough he tries to kill himself throughout the episode. Sebastian always tells him not to, because it would make too much of a mess. O.O Ciel's father died 3 years ago when the old mansion burned down. This episode was, in the manga, when Elizabeth visits. Her voice was much more annoying than I thought it would be. Apparently, Greil does have a thing he's good at: singing. Everyone was bracing themselves for the worst, but he sounded like an opera star or something. Also, in the manga, Greil didn't show up until Jack the Ripper's case. I think that's next though. 

I played Castle Escape. (Another Gazzyboy game.) This time it was a bit easier than normal. It was a nasty ending. You fall into the castle's sewer, make some holes, watch the sewage go out, make a much bigger hole, and climb out. I liked the 'puzzles' in the cells. I was over thinking where the keys were. They were staring right at me! Next, I played the Mashita- An Hina Escape game. You have to find all the dolls and put them on the platform. (It was for Girl's Day in Japan.) I needed a little help, because yet again I was over thinking it! -_- Big Tree Defence was interesting. Kind of different take on defense games. You have to protect the trunk of the tree from alien bugs, by buying flower or fruit weapons. (Really like the towers on other games.) I like when a game is unique or seems to be. 

I finished fixing Gun's anatomy, inked him, and colored him. Will probably post him tomorrow. His anatomy looks a lot better than my previous characters have been. I can see I'm improving greatly. :D I wasn't sure about the colors and the print on his shirt, but as I keep looking at it, I seem to like it more and more. ^_^ Maybe I'll try drawing Zero next. Don't know, we'll see. ;)

Pub and Go:
Zessei Bijin (one of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's ending theme songs):
This one's kind of touching. A Hetalia amv version of Imagine by John Lennon:
Marionette (My fave ending theme song for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei):

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