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By Love Psychedelico. This is kind of a feel good rock song. To have the freedom to do whatever you feel like today. Or live for today. MSN Onion IconI posted my 4th chapter of Alliance on my fave forum. We'll see what they think about it. Also, today was a really nice day! It was 70 degrees (nice and warm! It was almost record breaking!), sunny, and beautiful. Really nice to walk in. MSN Onion IconsI played Mozart again as a warm up, and started playing Gershwin again. Since I'm playing every song in the book, I'm noticing he uses a lot more sharps and flats then most of the other music I play. I guess it's a good way to get more flexible in my fingers again. Onion Icon

The highest ranked O-part is an SS. The Republic Army are trying to 'recover' all the O-parts. Their headquarters is a giant ship that's an O-part itself. MSN Onion IconsIt's ranked SS. There's a kid who's commander of the ship called Cross, and he's an OPT. He uses 5 rings for his O-parts. The one he used, uses the wind element. I'm guessing the others are other elements? Onion Icons He's deeply religious, and says he's on a mission to kill Satan. MSN Onion EmoticonA lot of his jewelry are crosses. Jio tells Ruby the story behind his 'things' he paints on his cheeks. They're really supposed to be fangs, and represent his master. His master was a wolf named Zero. He saved Jio from a giant snake and reluctantly taught him how to become stronger. Jio seems to be one of the few humans who can actually understand 'wolf' language. He understood it without really realizing it at first. The wolf told him if he really wants to be stronger he better get fangs like him. (Thus, the things on his cheeks.Onion Icons) Zero's a lone wolf, because his father and himself are OPTs. They didn't know what those are and the other wolves were afraid because of their power. While fighting the snake, after a long year of training, Jio makes it throw up every O-part it swallowed. Onion Emoticon SetHe finds a boomerang amongst the piles of them, and randomly throws it. It slicing up the snake while in the air. This is what later becomes Jio's main O-part that he named it after Zero. After all this, Zero tells him to get lost and follow his dream. As he's leaving, Zero howls telling him to get stronger, and Jio howls back.MSN Onion Icons

I did 7 more example sentences for 上がる. 彼女の体温は上がってよ。Her temperature's rising! 山は楽しいが上がってね。Climbing a mountain is fun, huh? 彼の体温は上がらなくて。His temperature isn't rising. 私たちは楽しいは私たちはそこに上がったら。We'd have fun if we were to go up there. 何を私は上がらなかったらか。What if I don't go up? 何を私たちはこれは山が上がりましたらか。What if we were to climb this mountain? 

The Guild masters are going to have a meeting discussing the decisions the council made. The guilds that refuse to take part in being in the league is the Dark guild, and they're usually criminals. Erza shows up. She's freakishly strong. (The pic's of Natsu, Lucy, Happy (flying), Erza, and Glay.) Everyone's afraid of her, because she'll beat you to a pulp if she doesn't like what you say, do, or act. She doesn't realize how strong she is, and hurts people unknowingly. (Like a slap on the back sends a person through a wall or something.) Glay, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy go with her on a job. Glay uses ice magic. (Natsu uses fire, so they don't get along naturally.) Lullaby is a flute that uses death magic (or black magic) and kills anyone who hears it. The Dark guild is planning on using it on the guild masters during their meeting. 

I played I Don't Even game. It was hilarious! Onion IconsThe faces of the characters, the situations you were in, it was all hilarious. It's a brain-teaser game. I tended to overthink all the situations.Onion Icons  There are pirates, ninja, ghosts, spikes, and lemonade. Onion Icon

We went out to get the rest of our Passover shopping done. I keep forgetting the other things you can't eat during the holiday. (Depending if you're Ashkenazic, like I am, or Sephardic, there are different restrictions.) We can't have egg matzah (it has to be regular plain), legumes (beans are out), 5 different type of grains (oats, barley, and some others- can't remember at the moment.), rice, and some other things. Some of these I love so much! Onion Icons

We're going to make an orange chocolate pudding thing for dessert for our seder. We'll also make matzah toffee, matzah granola, popovers, matzah stuffing, matzah ball soup, charoset, I'll at least make matzah brei, Passover noodles, tons of potato dishes, maybe potato kugel, and some other stuff. We'll have gefilte fish, Passover potato chips (really not much different than regular. Onion Icons), fruit slice candies, sparkling grape juice, eggs (oh, so many! Onion Icon), macaroons, mandel brodt, kichel, Passover cakes, and more. I'm actually excited to have these awesome Passover foods! Onion IconsI could eat a lot of it year round.MSN Onion Emoticons

A very fitting tribute to Osaka. ^_^
Japanese Passover tip. This is what matzah looks like:


  1. I find it really cool that you have videos on your posts. Thats neat.

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  2. Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, I find it makes it more interesting, at least to me. :P