Monday, March 22, 2010

Im Nin'Alu

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By Ofra Haza. It means If the Doors Are Locked in Hebrew. It's an awesome Israeli dance song. ^_^ Makes you want to get up and dance. MSN Onion IconsI wrote some more of Alliance. It's now 70 pages long!MSN Onion IconsKind of cool. I played some Mozart as a warm-up again. Then, I finished the book of Irish tunes that I have. (More like they're print outs stabled together, but same thing.) So, I at least went over all the songs again. Next, I'm thinking of playing all my Gershwin tunes. Onion Icon

Got to Sebastian and Greil's fight, the rest was pretty much the same as the anime. Sebastian gets cut by the 'scythe' or really chainsaw, and the shinigami was expecting to see 'dramatic' scenes in his memories. Instead, they were rather funny, and he wouldn't let him see past a year. He was just playing around with Greil, and said it was time to get serious. He stopped the movement of the saw with his jacket, and the shinigami was defenseless without it. So, he tried to beat him to death. When that doesn't work he takes the jacket out of the saw, and is about use it on him, when another shinigami  shows up. His name's William Spear and is apart of the Management Division of the Shinigami, and wants to 'pick up' Greil. He stands on him and tells him how many rules he's broken and takes him away. 

I finished the verb forms for 合う. They might not be the best sentences, but I really got a feel with this one. 彼は彼らが合わせられない。He won't be made to agree with them. 彼は彼らが合わせられます。He is made to match them. 彼は彼らが合わせられません。He won't be made to agree with them. (polite) 彼らは合おう。Let's agree with them. 彼らは合うまい。I won't agree with them. 彼らは合いましょう。Let's agree with them. (polite) 彼らは合いますまい。I won't agree with them. (polite) 私は彼らが合うだろう。I probably will agree with them. 私は彼らが合わないだろう。I probably won't agree with them. 私は彼らが合うでしょう。I probably will agree with them. (polite) 私は彼らが合わないでしょう。I probably won't agree with them. (polite) 彼らは合ったり。Things like agreeing with them. 彼らは合わなかったり。Not things like agreeing with them. 彼らは合いましたり。Things like agreeing with them. (polite) 彼らは合いませんでしたり。Not things like agreeing with them. (polite) 彼らは合え。Match those. 彼らは合うな。Don't match those. 彼らは合いなさい。Match those. (polite) 彼らは合いなさるな。Don't match those. (polite) Wow! I did a lot of them today! Onion Icon

In Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they continued with what really surprises people today. Most people find the most surprising thing is when you expect something to happen and it doesn't. They called it a 'reverse surprise'. Things like not getting any spam, there being no 'training', parked for 5 hours and there's no fine, and the Y2K bug. Next, was confession training. According to sensei, he wants to be able to confess or admit he did something wrong more easily. Chiri says it's not enough to just say you did something, you have to visualize what you did. He realizes that confession training may make a lot of manga, anime, and films fall apart. There are people who confess too much also. Herbal drinks that admit they're nasty, confess that the pics of Nessie are hoaxes and tourists go away. Last part was drawn really oddly, or I guess surreal. (The pic is Kafuka when she looks head on in this part, but she looked almost scary when she looked off to the side. Sensei did most of the time, too.) It was about a 'train that leads to no where'. This part was just too weird, I'm sorry. :P 

I played Bread Girl by Minoto. Minoto's awesome! :D It was funny, quicker than normal, and cute. Next, I played Banana Juice room. By the same people who did Black Tea room, apple room, chocolate room, etc. They're such weird rooms, but make you really think. There's always a lot of puzzles in it. I was surprised I got out without any help for the code. I only had a hard time with finding a stick and the yellow ball. It was easy other than that. I got the perfect end. MSN Onion Emoticons

I posted my original character, Vincent, on deviantART. Hopefully, people will like him. He's at: VincentOnion Icon

Chiyo and Osaka trying to play Volleyball. :D
Tounge twisters:
Let It Be, with Hetalia. Kind of a touching vid. 


  1. is black butler a yaoi manga?

  2. Nope. It's not. It's mostly mystery, comedy, supernatural, and horror. There isn't any romance or yaoi in it. :D Although, it also gets a bit gory. There's a lot of bishounen or good looking guys. They also throw in some historical references.