Friday, April 16, 2010

Delicious Tomato Song (Again)

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Sung by the voice actor for South Italy, from the Hetalia character CD. (The voice actor for the other Italy voices him too. Odd, because they seem to have such different personalities and sound different. That just means he's good.MSN Onion Emoticons) Makes me want tomatoes. Onion Icon This one is funny and cute. I love how both Italy's sing about food. What's better than pasta and tomatoes!Onion Icons

I got up late, because I had such a horrible night. Onion Emoticon SetHad a hard time getting to sleep at first. Then, just after I had finally gotten to sleep, there was a bird chirping next to my window. I hate this bird! MSN Onion IconsIt always comes this time of year, and decides to sing right outside my window. (I've actually seen it hanging over our roof, right where my window is.) The song itself is annoying. I wouldn't mind a nicer sounding repetitive song. MSN Onion IconEven after putting earplugs in I can still hear it. It's always really early in the morning, like 3 or 4. MSN Onion Emoticon SetI did get some sleep after that, but not much. 

I did 2 sentences for 空く or aku. 部屋をただいま空かなくて。(heya wo tadaima akanakute.) The room isn't emptying out right now. そこに10時で空きまして。(Soko ni 10 ji de akimashite.) There's an opening at 10.

In Gintama, Ana Ketsuno is thinking she's a failure at being a weather forecaster. She uses fortune telling in order to predict it. Usually, it's spot on. Her horoscopes are always right, too. Gintoki's a huge fan of hers. He bumps into her and tries to help. The Yorozuya (Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura), find out what's really going on. Her real name's Christel Ketsuno, and she's an Onmyoji who also fights demons at night. The Onmyoji are known for their divination skills, magic, and being able to control and summon demons and spirits or shikigami. She believes another Onmyoji is interfering with her forecasts. The Yorozuya decide to go to the Ketsuno clan to see if it was one of them. Gintoki summons the shikigami Christel uses. This shikigami says she is the master at playing dirty tricks on people, and is evil. Her name's Gedomaru. (She's in the pic above.) Gintoki's her master now. If he shows any weakness, she can turn on him. After some misunderstanding the clan welcomes them. 

The head is Seimei, and is her older brother. The clan has been trying to support her by praying for whatever she forecasts. There's a rival clan that's been battling them, called the Shirino. Seimei had suggested a peace accord, and the Shirino would ok it if he let his sister marry the Shirino head, Doman. He did, and Christel was very depressed. After realizing how his sister felt, he immediately made her divorce him, and let her go back to being a weather forecaster. This made the other clan even more angry, and there's been more battles between the two since. Doman challenges Seimei to a 'Tag Team Mystic Deathmatch'. Gintoki decides to join it, because he wants to see Christel happy again. Gedomaru actually looks touched and accepts him as her master. Seimei decides to fight Doman alone. The Yorozuya and Gedomaru show up anyways and save him.

DeviantART faves: Pasta Parade Denmark Katsura Green Sparrow Red Chibitalia's Renaissance I don't own any of these! The first, is a cute watercolor (looks like) of Italy from Hetalia. Second, a cute drawing of Denmark. Third, is an amazing drawing of Katsura from Gintama. Fourth, is of a beautiful butterfly. Fifth, a cute sparrow singing. Sixth, a very interesting view of a flower. Everything but the actual flower is red. The last one is of Chibitalia (Italy when he was a kid, basically.) sitting on a lot of the countries that are turned into mochi. Kind of cute! MSN Onion Icons

Shabbat dinner was really good! Onion IconsWe had Japanese style curry with noodles. It's Vermont Curry. Good stuff! Somewhat sweet and savory. (Has a ton of things in it.) This time Mom added potatoes, beef, carrots, onions, and spinach. For dessert, we had Key Lime pie. Another fave of ours!Onion Icons

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