Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ai (Chuuseishin) (Again)

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From the Excel Saga soundtrack. Funny song, and funny anime. XD What could be better? Giggle Well, I got up late again, pretty much for the same reasons as yesterday. Wahoo! Onion IconAt least I got more stuff done that I normally save for the weekend. 

I was looking around the NHK website in Japanese, and found their shows on there too. (Not very many, but some.) It was different than their English site. Confused Also, I've been looking for Asa Ichi's website for a while, and didn't realize they had their own section on the site. So, that's great! w00t!

Also, on TV Japan, I like to watch something called Today's Menu or きょうの料理(Which literally means Today's Cuisine.) I managed to find their main site called Today's Menu For Everybody. It has cooking tips, recipes, and the basics of cooking. On top of that they have lots of videos on those topics, too. OMG They had things like the best way to peel a tomato, and how to chop and properly wash Gobo roots or Burdock. Also, I saw a vid on making a chicken saute with garlic and mustard sauce dish. It looked and sounded so good! Drool I'll have to try it out. 

They had a separate section for people who are members of the site called My Recipes. I thought, oh, why not try to create an account with them? Idea I thought since I wasn't in Japan, it wouldn't work. But, it did! Woohooooo! I was even able to read their survey and fill it out. It was for improving the site. They asked, how did you hear or find our site? How often do you watch it? Have you bought the books? How often do you cook? The last one helps them figure out what type of recipes to recommend. I like how after everyone's nickname, they put さん or san at the end. Meow :3 Mine ended up being レイチェルさん. (Rachel-san or in romaji, reicheru-san.) Kind of funny, yet formal at the same time. I salute you! I like how they had a section under all the prefectures where you could say you're from abroad or other. I guess that means they know their audience isn't just in Japan. You can search the site by how many calories you'd prefer, what type of meat, vegetables, desserts, different cuisines, almost anything. :-o (Eek) It's nice they give you a long list of recommendations too. Once you find a recipe you like, tag it or 'fave' it, and it will go into your personal collection. People can comment about it on your profile too. Also, you can print recipes. This site is another instant fave! :eager: by darkmoon3636

I also watched an episode of Do! Culture on Women's Karate. I understood most of it. Wow! They were showing how to do the basics in detail. They said that it's a perfect self-defense for women. Looked like it was hard for the host. (Even when they were just stretching.) She also had a good sense of humor about it all. rofl Eventually, she kept saying it was scary. Oh Noes!

Next, I watched Naruto Shippuden. Which was nice, since I haven't watched it in a while. It was mostly about Naruto finding out about Jiraiya's death. Itachi gave a bit of his power to Naruto so he can defend Konoha from Sasuke; when he had 'bumped' into him before his big fight. Jiraiya had left an encrypted dying message. The only one who might be able to give the key to crack the code is Naruto. Kurenai is very pregnant, and Shikamaru is still looking after her. Since he promised Asuma before he died. Asuma also told him that his baby will become Shikamaru's student. Wow!

I played Flakboy. Which was a great stress reliever, although it was pretty violent. You're a weapons tester, and you're testing them on an alien, who apparently doesn't die. 

Next, I played Hugo Alone in the Tower. It was fun! It's a stick figure tower defense game. I got far in it, too! 

Chiri's crazy hair XD

Cool amv of Gintama with most of the opening and ending scenes:

Another awesome Hetalia tribute:

Maria- the illegal student:

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