Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Audience

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By Akeboshi. Kind of a cool haunting (feels to me) song. The music's amazing. Onion IconsI'll have to look for more of his music.MSN Onion EmoticonHe's also done a lot of music for Naruto. This was basically all I could find yesterday for my playlist. Onion EmoticonI'll have to get serious next time I look. MSN Onion Emoticons

Since I got the ideas flowing again, I can't stop coming up with them now. Onion IconsI'm back to feeling like the story has unlimited possibilities with where it can go. Awesome feeling!Onion IconsI got another very nice comment on it at my fave forum yesterday. Might post more there, if I keep getting comments. I like how it's been a while since I posted the last chapter, and it was one that ended with a cliffhanger. Onion IconsThe person who commented said please post the next chapter, I want to know what happens! MSN Onion IconsThat's the kind of comment that helps me get even more motivated. Onion Icon

We watched the movie Up yesterday. Very funny and cute. Onion IconWas better than I thought it would be. I especially like Dug, the talking dog. Reminded me of Buster. (Who was a beagle.) The animation was amazing too. MSN Onion Icons

I just had a very good dinner.Onion IconIt was a Korean chicken dish my dad makes sometimes. It's always good. It's garlicky and full of flavor. He threw in some peas for a green, and we had rice with it.

Also, my dad is going to legally change his name soon, since he'll be Jill most of the time starting in June. He thought his last name at first would be changed to Davidson, because of his middle name. Now, we're thinking it will make more sense to take my mom's maiden name. She'll just drop his name for her last name. (Since she just added it to her name. It will go back to what it was.) I'm going to keep my last name, since it's what I've known, and I don't have a problem with it.MSN Onion EmoticonsIt will be strange to be the only one with this name here, but I guess it will be ok. We'll see when it happens. 

I played Emoticon Defense. It's a funny tower defense game. When you kill the 'creeps' or enemies they make a funny splat noise. Onion IconsI got up to the very last wave and then died. Onion Emoticon SetThen, I played Carnival Tycoon. This one wasn't as good as it sounded. I like the concept where you make your own carnival, but it was poorly done. The speed was extremely fast, you couldn't read some of what the customers wanted because their text in their bubble was so small, they complained even when I solved their problems, etc. It started to get frustrating. Onion Emoticon SetFinally, I played Bread Girl 4. Another point and click game by Minoto. I love Minoto's games! Onion IconsIt was funny and cute like it always is. Also, it was easy this time. I think it only took me maybe 2 minutes. MSN Onion Icon

DeviantART faves:KolKol Young Hong Kong I did not make these!MSN Onion EmoticonsThe first one is an awesome watercolor of Russia from Hetalia. Fits his personality perfectly! The other one's an amazing drawing of Hong Kong from Hetalia. Really very well done. I like the colors and shading the most. MSN Onion Icons

A very cute vid of Prussia:

Kiri- The Hikikomori girl:

An amazing dancing dog!:

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