Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naruto Ondo (again)

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On the Uzumaki Naruto CD. I need more tunes to add to my playlist!MSN Onion EmoticonI like this song a lot, though. I'll just look for more later. Today was the last day of Passover.MSN Onion IconsWe kind of broke it early, with having a little sample of something at the grocery store.Onion IconsBut, it was really close enough. Some people end it a day early. We still have a buttload of Passover food left. That's ok, because it's good.MSN Onion EmoticonsAlso, I can eat my normal stuff with it. Yay! Onion IconI can have things like pasta, oatmeal, bread, etc. Makes me happy! Onion IconsBy the way, we had tortellini with pesto sauce for dinner with sandwich cookies for dessert. Oh, it was heaven!MSN Onion Emoticons  I still feel a bit sick, but slightly better. 

I wrote about 2 more pages of Alliance. It's still getting interesting! Oh, I just read a comment from one of my friends on my fave forum he said that he loves it so far. Also, saying that it's highly entertaining and the concept's original. Onion EmoticonsThat gives me a bit more of a nudge to go further with it. I already like the story so far, but I'm always curious to see what other people think. MSN Onion IconI'm still deciding whether I should stay on that forum, but this was nice to see.

In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first part was about previewing things. They asked sensei are previews really necessary? He answered with whatever you do, you preview it. You preview shopping, preview how the date will go, and preview taking an exam. He previews his own funeral ceremony. Onion Emoticon SetHe figures if he can't see it when he's dead, might as well preview it while he's alive. He even has his own gravestone. After Chiri knocks him out with it, when she gets disturbed by it all, he goes into a coma. MSN Onion EmoticonKafuka believes that comas don't exist, you just preview the next life. Onion IconNext, was about how the media praises random things, and makes senseless trends. They used Mikoshi (portable shrines) as an example. Whatever they use in place of the shrine, people worship. They put Chiri up, and praised her for her perfectly parted hair. They praised the 'normal' girl, because she was normal. They put a whole apartment building up, then a tree that they saw that looked like the berries have health benefits. Onion Emoticon SetSensei's or Nozomu Itoshiki's nephew shows up. His name's Majiru Itoshiki, and is a freeloader at Nozomu's house. 

I finished the 上がる or agaru verb form sentences. MSN Onion Emoticons私は上がらないだろう。I probably won't go up. 彼らは山を後ほど上がるでしょう。They probably will go up the mountain later. 私は旗を上がらないでしょう。I probably won't raise the flag. 私は大好き上がったりよ。I love things like climbing! 私は嫌い上がらなかったり。I dislike things like climbing. (The last two sentences above I think need more particles, I'll see tomorrow.) 楽しい上がりましたりね。Things like climbing are fun! 私たちは嫌いあの山が上がりませんでしたり。We don't like things like climbing that mountain. あの山が上がれ。Climb up that mountain. カーテンを早い上がるな。Don't raise the curtain early. あの坂が上がりなさい。Go up that hill. そこに上がりなさるな。Don't go up there. 

In Kuroshitsuji, it was Madam Red's funeral. Onion IconsIt was pretty much the same stuff as in the manga. Just really cool to see it in action form, and with sound/music. Even though the manga's been awesome, the anime has seemed to make it even better. Onion IconsThey added a few scenes too. 

I played Dwarfs in Spring. They're not really dwarfs. They're kind of these little brown creatures, that look similar to fat stick figures. They run around and make funny noises. Onion IconsIt's a Japanese game series, where you have to find them. Usually there's like 30 of them, this time it was just find 10. Seemed much more difficult than the others. 

Then, I played Plump Escape. It's also a Japanese game series about a cat and dog. They usually have to escape something. This time the dog Wan, gained a lot of weight. You have to get him to his weight goal in order to escape the room. It's funny and cute. Onion IconIt also was a bit harder than the others have been. Also, played a new Minoto game called Bread Girl 3. I swear he's on something when he makes these. MSN Onion IconsBut, it was fun and cute like always. 

I put the labels in Hebrew on the seder plate. I'll probably bold the letters out more. It was fun that I remembered all of the letters and how to write them. MSN Onion IconsI didn't have much time today with it, but hopefully I'll get more done with it tomorrow. I'm still not sure what type of design I should do in the spaces between the cups. Onion IconsI guess I'll figure something out.

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