Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boku Wa Haineko


Sung by the Len Vocaloid. In English: I'm a Grey Cat. Kind of a funny song. It's about a cat that everyone says looks dirty, but he ignores them and believes he's just silver. Just because he's different than other cats, doesn't mean he's not better than them. :iconeduardplz:

I had a horrible night last night.:iconwtfukplz:I was wide awake at 3, and thought I'd never get back to sleep. :iconjustaway-deathstare:Sometime around 5:30 I finally fell asleep again. So, because of that I had to get up later, and my day has been a bit off. I also got an annoying and rude phone call. :icongermanyplz:So, this might not be the peachiest day for me. :iconannoyedgin-plz:

I posted 3 pics on deviantART: Bridge Bridge 2 Pelican In the first, the bridge that you can see at the pier in Veteran's park is opening. Second, is the bridge fully opened. :iconjustahappyplz:Third, a pelican that was pretty hard to get at the pier. He kept circling our heads, and was very fast. He was huge too. I knew they were big, but when you see one up-close it's a bit different. Someone already faved that one! :iconlaplz:I haven't posted anything in a long time, so that was good. 

I organized all of the Florida pics and the ones I took at home beforehand. It was a ton of pics and took me a long time.:iconbrothercanadaplz: But, now it should be easier to find them. :iconchibiamericaplz:I also found pics to post on my music artists' sections or 'albums' on my computer. Then, I organized those too. Some songs were 'unknown' to my computer so a lot of it was labeling. Plus, now the albums from the same artist are together, instead of scattered throughout the list.:iconginfacepalmplz:

deviantART faves: Hetalia Meme Lithuania Animation APH- America and the Island Gintama- Dakimakura I did not make these! First, a pretty well done meme on Hetalia. I usually don't see too many good ones. And, they actually filled out the political awareness section, usually people have no idea what to put and just say they're too lazy. So props to this artist! Second, a cute animation of Lithuania. He gets scared too easily. Third, is a comic based on America's fascination with the show Lost. She tries to introduce herself to America, but it takes years to do it. There's even the 'smoke monster' coming out of her. Pretty awesome, if you're either a Hetalia and/or Lost fan. Last, a cute drawing of Katsura sleeping on a pile of Elizabeth pillows.

A funny Prussia version of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing. It's even at a lower octave and sounds a lot like him. 

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