Friday, May 14, 2010

Inside and Out


By Feist. It's a cover for an old song, called Love You Inside and Out by the Bee Gees from 1979. She's an awesome singer. MSN Onion IconThe first time I heard about her was during an ad when she sang 1234. (I think it was for the iPod.) Well, I didn't feel sick last night, but still couldn't sleep. :iconjustaway-deathstare:It was bizarre. So, I got up pretty late with a hoarse throat and a bit of a headache. :iconannoyedgin-plz:It was gone about 20 minutes later. Other than that I don't feel sick today.

It was another really nice and warm day. Got up to about 71. Felt like summer!I am a dummy! I looked at more Chrome Extensions. Thought Chrome TV would be really nice. They had some Japanese channels on there, as well as many other countries' TV channels. The only problem was none of the channels worked.:iconginblinking: At least for the Japanese and Israeli ones. So, not as good as it seemed.

In Gintama, even though they knew it was in the middle of March (in the timeline), they had a Christmas themed episode. :iconturncornerplz:The characters even made quips at this. Kagura begins making hints to Gintoki of what she wants for Christmas. Then, she writes to her dad. She says she doesn't believe Santa exists anymore, because he didn't give her anything last year. :iconmenacingkaguraplz:She likes the Earth custom, though. Shinpachi, Madao, Kagura, and Otae have a Christmas dinner. Madao brought a very tiny made to order cake. Otae decided to make a one-pot. Kagura's not very interested in the whole thing. Her father pops out trying to act like Santa, to keep his daughter's 'dream' alive. Just then, Gintoki jumps out and he's dressed up like one too. They're surprised, but not as surprised as Kagura. :iconjustahappyplz:Gintoki's also like a father figure to her. She says one of them must be a fake and therefore is a thief. They spend a long time staring at each other trying to see which one is real. :iconbipolarginplz:They can't take it anymore and start fighting. Kyubei shows up and stops the fight. She's also trying to act like Santa, only she calls herself Kyuta Claus. She's much worse at disguising herself. Kondo shows up as another Santa, calling himself Monkey Claus. :iconkondoplz:Aya also shows up, at first as a 'present' to Gintoki, then another Santa. :iconsachanlaughplz: Kagura's going to hold a contest to see which one is real. (The pic's from the ending scene.)

deviantART fave: Hetalia- Chibitalia I did not make this! This one's just amazing! Onion IconsShows HRE or the Holy Roman Empire and the Teutonic Knights passing each other. Her style's quite something! It also seems more 'real'. I just realized that I liked her France drawing too. So, I put her on my watch list. Here's a link to her profile to see how great her art is: ~tbyty Please, check it out too! :iconginsenseipointsuplz:

This has a ton of awesome parts of the Yoshiwara arc set to one of my fave songs. It's one of the better vids with it:

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