Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raspberry Heaven

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By Oranges and Lemons from the Azumanga Daioh Soundtrack. One of my fave songs from the series! I think it might be better than the other one I have. The background music sounds amazing! Onion IconsThe lyrics are sweet, too. I feel a lot better today! MSN Onion EmoticonsIt feels good to get back into things. Oh, and the weather's perfect today! 68 degrees F (20C), and sunny! Really nice. :iconginsmileplz:

That's my wallpaper now. I usually like to change it every month, but the last one was up for about 2 months. :iconginfacepalmplz:I thought it was time. :iconmeganeginplz:It's one of the many pics I took of the bamboo at the Morikami. Looks pretty cool. I went through most of my pics from Florida. Funny thing is that this is the first time that I really had a chance to organize them. They didn't have actual labels. They were labeled things like DSCN1234, and were all jumbled. I got through most of it, except the Gumbo Limbo pics from Florida and the few pics I took before at home. That's pretty good, considering I have a ton of pics. Also, I cropped out a lot of the time stamps. MSN Onion Icons

My mom suggested that I might have a food allergy, and that's what made me sick. I don't really have any allergies that I know of, so it's a bit of a surprise, but would make sense. I'm curious if that's what's really going on, and what type of food I'd have to stay away from. Onion IconsI guess eventually I'll find out. 


I worked more on the grill's manual. また、温度センサー付きのガスコンロには不向きな場合もあります。(Mata, ondou sensaa tsuki no gasukonro niha fumuki na baai mo arimasu.) Also, in order to stop unstable situations use the thermal sensor on everything including a gas range. (Sounds really weird, so I think it needs a bit more work.) Then, I accidentally started a line that's way ahead of where I'm supposed to be. It's ok, since I went back to the in between stuff. Here's the one I skipped to: ストーブでは使用しないでください。(Sutoobu deha shiyoushinaide kudasai.) Then, don't use on stove please. Might still be rough, but that's a little disturbing since I already used it on our stove. :iconginblinking:I guess I have to see what it said in between to know what they're really talking about. Since it could mean, in certain situations don't use on the stove or something. I'm already working on another one. Onion Icons

Naruto's still training to become a Sage. He's told by the Sage toad to go and meditate on a spikey peak, the only thing holding him up is a wooden board underneath him. If he moves just a little, he'll fall into the ravine below. Eventually, he gets the hang of it with the help of his clones. He's so deep in his meditation that he doesn't flinch when there's a downpour. He can absorb Nature Chakra easily now, too. This is what he looks like when he opens his eyes, after meditating. The toad says it's proof that Naruto's a Sage. He's already surpassed Jiraiya greatly. He can use Sage mode easily, and heals even quicker than before. His final step, is to fight the toad in Frog Kumite. He learns it quickly too. While the Sage toad's asleep he goes off and trains more. It's like he never sleeps. :iconjustaway-deathstare:The Raikage is going after Sasuke's team and the Akatsuki, because they took his brother, who has the 8-tails, named Killer Bee.  When he sends out his first scout, Sasuke kills him easily. So, he's sending a special team to search for them and retrieve his brother. 

I played Feed Mee. It's a game where the zombies were going to eat you, but you told them since you're a cook, you can make food for them instead. When they're satisfied, they promised to release you. So, you open up a restaurant for them. It's a pretty long game, and I got tired of it after a while. The things that you serve them are funny. Brain jelly, 'eye' meatballs, raw meat, and more. 

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