Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zutto Zutto


Sung by the Rin, Len, Miku, Meiko, and Kaito Vocaloids. It's Forever and Ever in English. Singing about always being there for each other as best friends. How things are better, more fun, and how they can cheer you up, etc. A nice feel good song. :iconchibicanadaplz:

It was really nice and warm today! :dummy: I think it reached 70 at some point. People were even cheerier when I went for my morning walk. (Usually, it's so early and cold. If there are other people, they usually don't talk to you. :icontinoplz:They just look cranky and uninterested in things.) There was an old man who was walking his dog. He walked and talked to me for a bit. It was nice. 

I finally decided on what font to use for my signature. :iconturncornerplz: Also, what I'm signing it as. It took me a while, but I have it. :iconchibiamericaplz:I signed the rest of my Veteran's Park pics. So, tomorrow I'll probably post some. Also, I edited all of chapter 10 again. Since it's pretty much done now, I'll post it tomorrow, too. 

In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they talked about how like batteries, it's not good for people to be overcharged. Examples: A musician coming back from a long break plays weird songs influenced by strange things. A manga coming back after a long hiatus, only with a different art style and a different view on the world. Chefs leaving for a while to refine their skills, then coming back and their food is worse. Then it was casually saying things that are shocking. Announcing your wedding through a fax, declaring retirement through a homepage, breaking up with someone through email. Nozomu told the class casually that they're going to be held back a year. Then, he decides to antagonize the world by making a dramatic big deal out of small ordinary things. Examples: I didn't have lunch! I'm going to ditch school! 

I finished a sentence from the grill's manual, and am in the process of finishing  another. 焼き物の油等が落ちてレンジまわりを汚す場合があります。(Yakimono no yu nado ga ochite renji mawari wo yogosu baai ga arimasu.) The quality of the oil used to grill food may degrade the stove by making stains. 

In Hetalia, Romano teaches North Italy how to fight England. If you meet the enemy: show them straight on that you don't have the will to fight! (That's it.) So, when North asks what do you do with the tanks, he says they're basically good get away cars. China's superior is a dragon. Japan sent China a cat doll, basically a Hello Kitty. Eventually, he thinks it's cursed. (China and Japan are in the pic.) When Romano gets captured by England, he begs him to not give him such awful food. Apparently, whenever an English soldier was made into a POW by the Italian army, they actually received better food than when they were in England. Japan visits Italy to do a culture exchange, and to deepen Italian- Japanese relations. After coming back, he acts just like Italy, and is very happy. They said Italians are contagious. 

In Kuroshitsuji, it was just a little too creepy. Elizabeth's about to become a human doll controlled by the Mandalay family puppeteer, Drozell Keinz. Greil shows up and ends up helping and protecting Ciel. Drozell has been kidnapping little girls and making them dolls for a while. He also keeps singing London Bridge is Falling Down. Only he changes the first verse into something like: Make it out of gold and silver, gold and silver... I'm creeped out as it is with dolls, this might make it worse. 

I played Farm Fun. It's similar to Farmville. Only, it's truly a single player game, and it's not as slow. It also had funnier graphics. 

I decided on the hair colors for Zero. It's going to be a mix of markers, my newer colored pencils, and the old ones. The newer ones just didn't have a deep enough red for me. I might actually narrow his hair color to 3 colors. I want it to have depth and I need to make the little flame at the end of his bang. A lot of the colors I decided on will probably be the main palette of the drawing. The whole thing's got to have like a fiery feel. When I'm done coloring him, I'll work more on drawing Loathe. 

An amv that shows the true craziness that is Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
Poor marshmellows. XD
Weird, but addicting Miku song:
A funny Chinese commercial:

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