Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oni to Musume

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Sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. It's kind of a sad song. :iconamericasadchibiplz:I'm not usually into that, but for some reason I liked this one. Some people translate it as the Demon and the Maiden. But, it's literally Demon and Daughter. About a kind demon and a blind girl from the village who stumbled upon his house in the woods. They have some fun and the girl talks about the village. The next day the girl goes back to the village saying she'll return. She keeps coming back crying out to him, and doesn't hear him. The villagers tell her that he was a demon, horrified at first, she tells them where his house is. Oddly, in the end she still cries out to him everyday hoping he'll answer or appear behind her.

It was yet another cold day. :iconbrothercanadaplz: We're still below normal. Also, had another late start, but managed to get everything I was planning to, done. I posted a pic on dA: Dad With A Coconut Hopefully, Dad doesn't mind that I posted a pic that had him in it. :iconchibifinlandplz:I just liked how the pic turned out. Especially the landscape, and the beautiful sunset. Thought it was interesting to see one of the coconuts that had fallen from the tree. I also played some more Irish Tunes. I sound a LOT better now. :iconeduardplz: I was enjoying it again. It kind of becomes a part of you, if you feel this way while playing. :iconchibicanadaplz:
In 666 Satan, they find out that Ball's actually an O.P.T. It surprises him since he's always been pretending to be one. Kirin gives Ball the pickle stone as his O-part, which a level C one. Kirin only used it as a pickle stone, because of its size. He knew when Ball threw it up in the air like it was nothing. Only O.P.T's can do that. Each game was a test. First, to see if they have the basics. Second, to train the usage of their powers. He helped them, because he was bored. The stone's effect: magnetism. Kirin did some major changes to Jio's boomerang. (As you can see in the pic. That's what it's like when unfolded. It looks like just one of those blades when not in use.) Even though he's told to throw it lightly to test it out, it goes through the giant boulder, then the wall of Kirin's place. Making 2 holes in it. 
I finally finished that long sentence from the grill's manual. :iconfrancisplz: I also started another. 受け皿の穴や、取っ手の取付部分、枠のカール部分本体の切りかき部分、網の溶接部等(下図の赤線部)は鋭利になっております。(Ukesara no ana ya, totte no toritsuke bubun, waku no kaaru bubun hontai no kiri kaki bubun, mou no yousetsubu tou (kazu no aka sen bu) ha eirini natte orimasu.) The saucer's holes, handle's furnishings, frame's curl, netting weld zone, etc., (lower illustration's red lines) will form sharp edges. 
In Fairy Tail, Natsu finds Gray passed out and takes him back to the village. (He was still encased with ice. It's in the pic.) The ice surrounding Natsu goes away after he accidentally falls into Lucy's trap for the bad guys. The 3 mages that follow Reitei are about to drop 'nuke' jelly on the village. It's like an extremely strong acid. But, Natsu uses his fire and blasts it outward. Saving the villagers, but dissolving the village. Natsu easily defeats 2 of the mages. Lucy's stuck with the last. She summons Taurus. The mage she's fighting uses doll magic and can control anything that isn't human. So, she starts to control Taurus. He eventually fights it, with the help of Lucy, and goes back to where he came from.

I played Tibia Tower Defense. It's kind of a fun TD. Also has funny sound effects. Stopped at level 15. 

I did more of Loathe. Drew more head feathers, defined his head a bit, and worked on his wings. Got pretty far on his wings. Also, I figured out how I'm drawing his feet. They're going to be up against his body, curled. Then, I started drawing more of his tail. I'm really liking how he looks so far. :iconchibispainplz:That's kind of rare.:iconchibisitalyplz:

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