Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Akikaze no Uta


By Akeboshi. It means: Autumn Breeze Song. It's another amazing one from him.:iconchibihungaryplz: I haven't heard many of his songs, but the one's I have, are quite something. This one's very pretty sounding, and oddly it sounds like it's got a little Irish/Celtic theme going on with the fiddle. :iconfrancisplz:

It got really nice and warm today! :iconyaykumajiroplz:Makes me feel really happy! :iconchibispainplz:According to the wacky calendar I saw there's 2 holidays today: Hug a Cop Day and National Pink Day. Cops or police really should be appreciated. :iconchibisitalyplz: So, that's a good one. I hate pink, so I'm not sure if I like that one. :icontinoplz: Although, it can mean the color of the breast cancer awareness ribbon. That I definitely approve! :iconchibiamericaplz:

Well, now I know Summer has started, especially since I got eaten alive by mosquitoes yesterday. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: I wasn't out there too often. But, they always seem to find me. It's like they lie in wait or something. :iconprussiaplz: They do say some people have more of a certain chemical in their blood that mosquitoes can smell and are attracted to. Those people get eaten more. If that's true I wish I could get rid of it. :iconnorgeplz: Some people tell me it's because I'm too sweet. I don't know about that. :iconheroamericaplz:

Yesterday night was a Hadassah meeting. Everybody was late because of the traffic. Just found out that there was a pretty big accident. The traffic was rolling slowly along for a while. Then, all of a sudden we stopped. We were sitting there for 20 minutes! :iconchibienglandplz: That doesn't happen often here. We were the first ones to arrive. 2 people gave up and went home. But, the rest came quite a bit later. 

We brought a pasta with olive sauce salad for the potluck. It was SO good. :iconitalyplz: There was some smoked salmon, a salad with raspberries and cashews, a chicken salad with pasta, pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, another regular salad, and some fruit. For dessert, the hostess made triple chocolate brownies. Those were to die for! :iconhungaryplz: I was pretty happy that most of the food this time was good. Although, it's kind of weird we all decided to bring some sort of salad. :icontinoplz:

There was someone who I haven't seen in years. She said she still recognized me because of my cute smile and beautiful eyes. I'm not used to compliments like those. :iconseychelles-plz: She saw Mom at the annual meeting for our congregation, they talked, and she said she'd love to join Hadassah. The business meeting part we talked about our Mah Jong event coming up in October. Mainly about the costs. 

Then, for the event part it was my mom teaching people how to tie tzitzit and the meanings behind it. :iconchibicanadaplz: She brought out all the beautiful Tallitot she's made. Everyone was amazed by them.:iconchibiaustriaplz: A Tallit is a fringed prayer shawl, with longer knotted fringes at the four corners. (Tallitot is the plural form of Tallit.) These longer 'fringes' or 'tassels' are called tzitzit. Usually, we wear these during day services. Some people say it's because you're supposed to be able to see the tzitzit in the light. There are some occasions where that doesn't apply. It reminds us of the 613 mitzvot, and there's many other symbolisms behind it. :iconchibirussiaplz: Also, they come in many colors and fabrics. The only thing is you can't mix wool and linen. I actually remembered after the first knot how to do it! :iconyaykumajiroplz:It's been about 12 years! Maybe I'll get enough confidence to make another Tallit. I only have one, and that was from when I was a Bat Mitzvah. It's very formal. I want something that's a lot more casual. :iconkikuplz: I do have a regular shawl to work on. I got it at least 5 years ago just to make one. 

Also, one of the members, who we're pretty close to, has a son who has a Bar Mitzvah coming up. Bar or Bat Mitzvah is basically a coming of age ceremony for a boy or girl who's 12 or 13. Yeah, I guess we turn into Jewish adults pretty early on. Bar is son, Bat is daughter. Mitzvah is commandment. So, son or daughter of the commandments. You read from the Torah, make some commentary about it, lead people in prayer and some other things. It's a huge undertaking. :iconchibinitalyplz: You get presents, there's lots of relatives, friends, sometimes teachers, and others. Then, there's usually a big party. :party: So, it's a really happy yet stressful day. :iconchibilithuaniaplz: Anyways, she asked me about seating arrangements. She's got to be like OCD, since she wants everyone to sit in a certain spot, and all the details have to be perfect to her. :iconbraginskiplz: She gave me 2 options: be at a table with my parents and some other people I know well; or be in the high school and college student table. She needs 10 people per table, and she has 5 high schoolers and 4 college students. She thinks since I'm much closer in age, I should sit with them. Might have more in common. :iconthailandplz: I'm rather torn now at who to sit with. :iconwtfromanoplz: Even her son said it would be nice if I sat with the college students. So, I told her at the time that I'll think about it. I would love to be with people closer in age, but at the same time I like the comfort of knowing the other people. Gah! :iconraivisplz: It's a conundrum! :iconpolandplz:  Also, we're going to the Friday night Shabbat service at their place the night before. I think we might be invited to the after party after the morning service.

Today's my dad's last day of work for the school year. That means tomorrow he'll start going full time as a woman. This should be interesting. Since I've already gotten so much down for today, I'll give you a condensed version of the rest of it. Wrote some more, and it just keeps getting more and more interesting. Played some more Irish tunes, and I've improved a bit from yesterday. Still working on a sentence from the grill's manual. 

In 666 Satan, the Resistance is being crushed by Wise's gang. They find and bust through Kirin's place. Kirin has an awesome fight against the 3 of them. Jagga has activated the Mekisis, and is causing chaos in town.

In Fairy Tail, Lucy beats Sherry. Erza arrives on the island, and is beyond pissed at the group. Gray stands up to her, and she caves a bit and joins them on the mission. Natsu tilted the ruins so the moonlight can't hit Deliora, and attacks Reitei. Gray says that Reitei doesn't know that Ur's still alive.

Loathe is finally inked! Started the erasing process. Almost halfway done with that. 

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