Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock It Down (Again)


By M.O.V.E. Still kind of a fun dance song. :dance: I need to get more new songs for my playlist! :iconberwaldplz: Since I've already posted this song, I won't do it again. 

It's starting to warm up a little. Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz: I worked myself a little too much this morning. So, I now have a pretty big headache.:icongermanyplz:Oh, well. I wrote a bit more of chapter 11. I'm also in the stages of making a new character. I'm not even sure what to call him at this point. :iconswissplz: Maybe tomorrow I'll figure him out. I played some more Irish tunes. Sounded even better and smoother. :iconchibiamericaplz: I actually got into it even more than usual.
In Kuroshitsuji, one of Queen Victoria's helpers took the trophy and gave it to her. She comes out of no where and says she'll be a judge to break the tie. She decides Sebastian's curry won, and hands the trophy over to him and says this is for you. Since, it can be eaten without utensils and everyone can enjoy his curry donuts. Soma finally sees Meena. (Soma's on the chapter cover pic.) Finds out that she wanted to sneak out of India anyways before she met West. She didn't want to live her life bound by her social class. (Caste system.) She thought going from a lowly cook to a rich wife would be much better. Agni didn't want Soma to know, because he thought he'd be devastated. He was protecting him. While Meena's speaking he's crying his eyes out. Soma goes over and asks him if he'll stay by his side and be his Khansama. (Like a butler and Chef.) He gratefully accepted. Both Agni and Soma feel that Ciel and Sebastian have taught them many things about life, and thank them.
I finished and started another sentence from the grill's manual.無理な力や衝撃を与えると、変形や破損の恐れがあります。(Murina chikara ya shougeki o ataeru to, henkei ya hason no osore ga arimasu.) Don't use too much force, it will cause a variety of damages. 
In Hetalia, they began with Germany introducing Italy to Japan. Italy was worried he'll something inappropriate or stupid. Then, Japan told Italy that his paintings and literature have left a deep impression on him for a while. He tells Japan that he loves Japanese history. Then, they talked about the Roswell UFO Incident. Which was in July of 1947. A farmer had found it, and told America about it. After he went to his boss, thinking it was the news of the century, they tell him to forget about it and that it was just a weather balloon. While he's kind of moping around, an alien taps his shoulder. This is when America met his alien friend, Tony. He shows Tony to England and they hate each other right away. (That's them in the pic. This was after England asked what planet are you from.) At the end, England goes home, and laughs about it. While showing the pic of Tony to his unicorns and fairies. I didn't think they would cover the Roswell Incident. But, I guess if they hadn't, we wouldn't know the background to Tony? He's in previous episodes. Similar to Canada's little polar bear. 
In Letter Bee, they explained a bit more of each region. The country's Amberground. Capital of it is Akatsuki, where it's lit by an artificial moon and only the first class and elite live there. Next, Yuusari is a place for the middle class. And, Yodoka is where people of the lowest class of society live. There are bridges linking these areas, but only people with government issued IDs can travel through it. Lag passed the preliminary exam, and is going to the interview section of the national postal worker entrance exam. He's a little worried since he still doesn't have a dingo. He finds a little girl who was a package that's been abandoned at the train station. (She's in the pic.) He decides that he'll try to deliver her, even though it's against the 'rules'. She doesn't actually have a name, but lots of people have given names to her. After some thinking, Lag decides to call her Niche. She's very strong and has fast reflexes. After he called her beautiful, she was a lot more accepting of him, and agrees to the name. I think she's somehow going to become his dingo. There's hints of it.

I played LunchTime by Minoto. Very funny, cute, short, and bizarre like always. Then I played another Japanese game called Balcony 2. I've played some of their games before. They're not as funny and they're more challenging. The cat's stuck outside, and halfway through the game, you get in contact with the dog and call for help. He goes off to help. I didn't finish it all because it got a little tiring. 

I started coloring Zero. Got to his hair, skin, mouth, and shirt. The reds in his hair and shirt are still not quite right to me.:iconbrothercanadaplz: So, I'm thinking next time I should add a little yellow and orange to them. Maybe the blend will look better. 

deviantART faves: Ohhh The Crowbar Welcome to Canada Hetalia- Origin of THAT OC Profile, Bio Sheet I did not make these! First, a comic that's fits Russia a little too well. Second, a cute drawing of Canada giving maple syrup as a gift to China. It's actually based of a recent real event. The president of China was welcomed with a bottle of maple syrup, since it was Quebec's Birthday. (Quote from the author.) Third, a comic about the origin of the song Caramell Dansen. Fourth, an awesome very in depth original character profile sheet! Even if I never fill it out all the way, it will help a lot with developing my characters. 

Funny Japanese ad campaign for milk:

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